U.S. Releases More Evidence of Russian Aggression

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July 28 (Bloomberg) -- Peter Cook reports on U.S. satellite photos alleging shelling from Russian into Ukrainian territory. He speaks on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

What do you know about this.

There were a lot of questions about, can you prove it?

Here is something allegedly showing firing into ukraine.

What the u.s. government has done now is emily presented photos it claims shows russian firing into the ukrainian side of the border.

It shows burn marks on the russian side of the border and then impact craters on the ukrainian side of the border near the ukrainian military unit.

The united states claims these photos clearly demonstrate russians have been firing across the border onto the ukraine side of the border.

In addition, another escalation here.

What the u.s. claims is clear evidence of the larger escalation of firing into ukraine.

Russians deny this.

A suggestion this morning that the photos are fake.

They clearly denied this but how will the u.s. respond?

That is the question.

This is an excavation and it is troubling to them.

Over the weekend, ben of the obama administration talking about this and the threat of more sanctions in the united states and the potential the united states might be willing to provide military support?

We have not ruled anything out.

We provide intelligence.

We think the best thing the united states can do is send a message to russia -- to russia through very large sanctions.

You will see the european moves out -- the europeans move out on stronger sanctions.

We're waiting to see what europeans do, talking about stepping up their sanctions beyond what they did last week and perhaps the possibility the estates is moving simultaneously or after that with additional sanctions aimed at russia as well.

Thank you, and we just saw -- on the rise since the downing of that malaysian flight to does lisa go.

Organize to recover the remnants and investigate the crash site.

Brian is in london with more.

The international police team are tasked with recovering the remains of the crash and they have abandoned their mission with heavy fighting.

What is going on?

That is right.

This is the second day in a row they have not been able to access the site here it today was pleased by both the netherlands and australia that were attempting to get to the site.

Most of the bodies collected

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