U.S. Needs to Dig Deeper on GM Mistakes: Schakowsky

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June 18 (Bloomberg) -- Rep. Janice Schakowsky, an Illinois Democrat, talks with Matt Miller about how General Motors handled internal warnings of troubles with ignition-switches that lead to recalls as Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra faces another round of questioning on the topic today on Capitol Hill. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In the Loop.”

She is from the ninth district very thank you for joining us.

Let me first ask you about the is newsweek story we just heard about.

A whistleblower in 2003 already ordered a gm executive to this issue.

Does that surprise you?

Not really, although anton who was hired by general motors really blamed this level fast as gm.

Our commerce that did interviews found evidence that there were higher-level people that knew.

It looks like people should have known and perhaps were told.

Senior leadership decisions at that time.

Frankly, should other higher up in the kit is the known -- executives be known?

The culture of gm in departments, much less a twin departments, information was not transferred.

This is obviously a huge problem.

It seems in the high-level position she had, it should be before january this year that she really knew of the details that went on or even details.

Assuming she did not know, what do you think about the job she has now?

What do you think about the job she has done since the last year she was on capitol hill?

Many were disappointed by her inability to deal with any of the facts on the matter.

We're hoping today we will get more.

I want to ask her also why is it he did not know, why was she not informed?

13 people died.

I want to know more about the process of compensating the families of these victims.

Can will give the members and they will write a check and move on from there.

Does that you might he only possible solution do you see any other repercussions?

Dealers were notified in 2005. a letter went to them telling him about the problem.

They were told how to replace or how to fix and yet that was never public or communicated to the national public highway communication transportation authority.

The public did not know, dealers knew there was a problem.

There was a miscommunication, not the kind of fence and see we need.

I will make sure that information is output.

Do you think they will see other repercussions?

I think the families will be looking at lawsuits in addition to any competence nation they will be getting -- i think you will see a lot of back vividly following this hearing.

Why has congress not called rick bragg air or any of the former ceo's looking over the company, when we were all majority shareholders.

I have to tell you hours -- has done an amazing job of interviews.

I do not know the list of people interviewed but we certainly ought to dig deeper.

There were so many problems in so many mistakes there and we will hear about them today.

There needs to be a plan for faith thing it's one of those -- how do you think it can be fixed?

A $35 million fine, it found like a lot to people.

There is legislation that would lift the cap.

That is a good start.

Thank you.

Back to you in new york.

Thank you.

You can watch merry's full testimony about the recalls in front of the house commerce subcommittee starting -- they will not do anything today, but what did officials say after today's's policy meeting will get intense scrutiny.

It is all about when everybody -- mike mckee on why we're watching the soak local sleep.

Today, we will get there later in the forecast, which may

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