U.S. Navy’s Ping Locator Joins Missing Plane Search

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March 31 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Haslinda Amin reports on the latest efforts to find the missing Malaysia Air flight 370 which has been missing for 23 days. She speaks to Angie Lau on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Morning despite poor conditions at the site.

A fleet of ships in the area 1800 kilometers west of perth.

We go to haslinda.

We are in the fourth week and still we know so little.

That's right.

Day 23, ang.

The often racial includes the australian vessel which has been equipped with underwater equipment to defekttect the missing plane.

Time is running out.

As you know, the black box will be lost after about 30 days.

If they don't get a location on that data, they have to slowly use sonar to get a digital image of the bottom of the ocean, and that will be an incredibly long process to go through.

Today we heard from prosecutor tony abbott who said it is an extraordinarily difficult process to search for a missing plane.

How about the data from the flight simulateor.

Experts have been trying to extricate data from the pilot's cockpit that, includes the simula st.


one u.s. official did not want to be identified.

The official said no smoking gun has emerged so far.

Nothing sinister found.

Expect the f.b.i. to be done with its work on the simulateor in a week at the latest.

Just so you know, pictures of chinese families there with passengers.

They still have no idea about the fate of their loved ones.

And now we're hearing yet another emotional reaction here.

They are angry, ang.

They are asking for what they call the truth.

Several chinese relatives are also asking for a -- an apology from malaysia.

They are also unhappy with the statement from malaysia's prime minister saying the plane crashed in the indian ocean.

The families held banners saying "we want evidence, truth, dignity." also, "give us our relatives back." strong, strong words.

The plane's disappearance has sparked anger and outrage in china.

A travel agency there has announced boycotts in malaysia.

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