U.S. Middle Class Challenged, but Not Dead: Goings

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Nov. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Rick Goings, chairman & CEO at Tupperware Brands, talks with Deirdre Bolton about his company’s dependence on the global middle class and the challenges of growing the brand in emerging markets. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

People are looking for an opportunity.

Unable to solve the difference between the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer were?

They are not the letter.

They are seeing the freeze.

I will have to do more of this myself.

Our recruiting trends are up.

At least as far as the u.s. goes, you're finding there is a possibility for those that have an entrepreneurial spirit to eventually thrive.

A big part of sales for our -- for your company is coming from overseas.

A lot of analysts i speak with say even if the middle class in the u.s. is declining, the middle class in china, india, and brazil is growing and growing strong.

Do you agree with that?

You are spot on.

There is a middle class here and hope for the future in the u.s., but the u.s. is five percent of the world population.

Europe is i percent.

Almost all the people in the world live outside these places.

What we're seeing is the emerging middle class will grow by one billion people in the next six years, and undermine what is really driving it, women looking for an opportunity.

How are you positioning?

You do have a winning formula showing up on the bottom line.

Even though you are a large company, it is hard to get people to put the ball on the ground and familiarize people and engaging women in the work force.

This is a whole shift for a lot of the places.

Is certainly is.

-- it certainly is.

Initially when we go into the emerging markets there is not a developed retail market.

Often less than 30% of the women worked outside the home.

There is pent up desire or opportunity to change her life, pretty much the values that founded this country are alive in many places of the world.

What actually happened?

How many though to sa o paulo, what does it take to get an opportunity in -- operation up and running cap?

Normally we send in the managing director or and login a formula.

Our formula works.

Compelling products and earning opportunity, a wonderful way of selling.

She sells through relationships.

We promote and train a sales organization.

In indonesia tom a we have more than 200,000. we just completed a study there with a global service initiative and found out, does it change her life?

We found out there it was amazing.

She moved from lower class to middle class, better relationships with her family, her husband.

She had an attitude she wanted to share this and get back.

What is your relationship with india and china?

We have a big dismiss that is growing double digits.

I think they have been much more advanced.

We have been growing 30% for the past 35 years.

They want strong, western brands.

Afore i let you go, number one surprise with your own business this year?

Rebound in certain markets where there were external issues.

Men generally cannot multitask.

Women can.

We found when we empower them, whatever happens in that particular market, the second week after the revolution in egypt, we were up 100%. rick o winds joining me --r rick goings joining me.

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We will show you what is driving the results.

Joe montana and china.

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We will bring you more details on the nfl's first online merchandise store in china and the growth story of the sport there.

We are just a few minutes from the opening bell.

The top 10 traits you will not want to miss right after the break.

Keep it here on "in the loop." ?

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