Obama Leaving Snowden Case to Law Enforcement

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June 27 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News' Phil Mattingly recaps the latest comments from President Barack Obama on law enforcement tracking NSA leaker Edward Snowden and how the case pays into U.S. relations with Russia, China and Ecuador. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Betty, we've seen ratcheting back of some of the aggressive statements from the officials earlier in the week.

You saw that again today from president barack obama.

On the first leg of the trip to senegal, he said, look, i'm not calling the leaders of russia or china.

I've not spoken to vladimir putin.

He said, frankly, i shouldn't have to.

This is a law enforcement issue.

People are trying to figure out theories of how to get snowden back.

He said, look, i'm not going to scramble the jets to get a 29-year-old hackern.

The key point is there are law enforcement avenues available and no one is going to get overheated.

That i ear going to try to pursue the law enforcement options.

Talk about china trying to find a way to dismiss this man.

Short of scrambling jet sales, what option tutz the u.s. have?

Obama hinted at it during the q&a. he kept saying law enforcement.

There's a relationship between u.s. law enforcement and russian law enforcement officials.

They have optimist that back channels could happen.

After the boston marathon bombing, a relationship struck between the fbi and the russian fsb.

They're hoping that the relationship in some way could lead to a result that allows the u.s. to get ahold of edward snowden.

What that result would be, how it would happen, that's going on behind the scenes is what they're trying to figure out.

Let's talk about ecuador.

They're considering this an asylum for edward snowden.

If he travels to that country, what kind of leverage does the u.s. have?

The countries are not on the best terms.

The president of ecuador seems to take the pride and pleasure of poking the u.s. in the eye.

There's one issue that matters.

That's the economy.

The u.s. and ecuador has -- u.s. has a trade deficit with ecuador so far in 2013 after registering deficits of $2.7 billion in 1212. one thing to keep an eye on, there's a trade preferences bill that needs be reauthorized.

The key to the equity with roses and broccoli trade.

$150 million in roses exported to the u.s. last year.

This is something to keep an eye on.

It's up for reauthorization next month.

If ecuador causes problems, it would not be a surprise to see lawmakers say, maybe we don't need to reauthorize this bill.

Thank you so much.


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