U.S. Jobless Rate Falls to 6.7%

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Jan. 10 (Bloomberg) –- Affinity Advisors Jeremy Hill and Bloomberg’s Olivia Sterns focus on the U.S. economic outlook in “On The Markets” on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

We had mohamed el-erian on.

He called it puzzling and worrisome.

What is your take?

It is puzzling and worrisome but we have to take a more holistic viewpoint of what has happened in u.s. economic data.

Just this week we had a ton of data and i suggested to everybody that it was not such a terrible week.

Even though the fed is assigning a higher value to the jobs report.

Look at the trade deficit.

It was the best we have had in four years.

Overall not a great u.s. economic data week.

Not so terrible either.

I had -- we had a strong adp report on hiring which had economists upgrading their outlook on the back of that.

Do you think it is going to change the fed's thinking around tapering?

I do not.

This is a singular data point.

We had some weather issues.

I know that sounds are general and even a little bit crazy.

One can imagine that next report we get a bit of an uptick in this month's numbers.

I think that is a very plausible -- that is very plausible.

We had an increase from november.

If the trend -- the trend continues to be up in jobs.

This is quite a doozy for her to walk in and she walks into 74,000. how much worse do the numbers get before the fed decides we should not taper?

It is kind of a confusing concept but this is the first jobs report in a long time that is not pregnant with the question of should we or should we not taper?

What this jobs report is going to point to is is there a trend that will change the velocity of the taper and right now, i do not think it will.

You manage a lot of money.

What are the trades you're looking at?

I do not think anyone should trade off the back of a singular -- ellen we had a big move in the two-year treasury report.

For those who are in credit markets they are very -- they have to be cognizant of the fact that inflation is a general matter and looking at the two- year could have been mispriced.

The two-year gain something like on a five percent in yield terms.

-- 25% in yield terms.

It dialed back on that.

I think you do want to look at the vix.

If you compare a five-year chart of the vix and a one-year chart, it is different and the difference is quantitative easing.

That would suggest there might be an opportunity in volatility.

We will have to leave it

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