U.S.: Hackers Stole 160M Credit Card Numbers

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July 26 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Jordan Robertson discusses the theft of 160 million credit card numbers with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West."(Source: Bloomberg)

This is a very deep enticement.

You are learning more as you read through it.

Tell us about who these hackers are.

We had a chance to dig a little bit deeper in the indictment.

What is most interesting about this case is the hackers that were charged alleged to be the king pants of the scheme to steal 160 million credit numbers.

We usually do not see these kind of cases.

We usually see in times of lower level people.

These are the criminal mastermind behind the scheme.

The deep, technical expertise and ability to penetrate companies and still lots of credit card numbers.

That is very unusual.

How did they do it?

It is an interesting question.

What is buried in these indictments is there are a lot of famous names involved.

Pmc am a big financial institutions that we all know.

The hacking vulnerabilities are with third parties who says we would not know.

Payment processes.

How do i secure my credit card information but mark -- information?

In many cases, it does not matter.

7-eleven may do a great job of securing their network, if there are linked with a payment processor who does does not, their culture credit card number.

It is a reminder of how little control you really have over protecting your information.

It is also a that hackers are really clever.

They are not going to go through the front door when they can get through the side door to the speaking of clever hackers, r&b jack you wrote a story about -- barnaby jack, he recently passed away.

This a guy who made it his job to demonstrate weaknesses in atms and medical devices.

Toby more about him and what happened.

A really sad story.

We found out that barnaby jack a month or the 6 -- barnaby jack, 36, he passed away last night.

The medical examiner has not said how he has died.

Barnaby was a really interesting person.

I have written about him a number of times.

He was one of the more creative hackers and that we encounter.

He was not that interested in obscure vulnerabilities that only a few people understand.

He went after big targets.

Atm machines, medical devices, pacemakers.

Really important devices and nobody else has hacked.

He aimed to big.

He did not always know what he was going to hit.

One of the stores i am reminded of his when he was doing his atm hack.

That was hacking remotely and having get spit out cash.

He ordered the atm off of ebay because he was to see if he got pulled them apart and see what he could find inside.

He did not know he would be to hack.

He disassembling them in his living room.

His girlfriend was very upset with this project.

He eventually figured out how to hack them.

He made a major presentation at a security conference.

He had a lot of curiosity.

Very creative thinker.

The computer security research industry lost an important member.

He was scheduled to give a talk next week about his ability to hack pacemakers.

Jordan, very sad story.

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