U.S. Government Struggles to Stay on Message: Baer

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Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) -- In today's "This Matters Now," Donald Baer, worldwide CEO at Burson-Marsteller, talks with Tom Keene about the difficulty for the White House and Congress to focus on issues and relay a message to the American people. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Host is donald behr, was the senior advisor to president clinton as is concerned with staying on message.

The secretary of state is in geneva, switzerland, transfixed by syria.

Nothing else gets done.

I think other things will get done but it is hard.

It is very hard for there to be much more message flowing out.

Look at the media this morning and for the last 10-12 days.

It will be hard for them to get much message out.

The white house wanted to be talking about the economy now.

They were trying to pivot and talk about the middle class and begin to talk to the country about recovery and a modest way and show that the president was focused on what people really care about.

There is very little opportunity for them to do that.

You used aquill in the clinton -- you used a quyill in the clinton administration.

How do you get the message out these days?

It's been a long time since i left.

It was one cable channel then.

Think about where we are today.

I was at the white house about a week ago and they called a small group of us in to talk about syria and it is vastly different.

That said, you've got to land on your message and you have to be flexible enough because things change very fast and you have to move all your pieces onto the board.

I think they want to do more of that but, at the same time, they've got many different issues they are trying to balance and they would love to get back to talking about the middle-class class and the economy as fast as they can.

What do our viewers need to know about legislative fatigue?

The lawmakers seem exhausted by the bombardment of messages.

It is hard for them to have legislative fatigue when they are doing no legislation.

They are fatigued by the incoming.

They would be best served by focusing on the jobs they were elected to do.

The thing that matters right now is they deal with the budget situation, they deal with the long-term spending problems and they get on with this.

They need to focus on it.

This is what has happened -- there used to be an interesting convergence of interests left or right which those who were in power wanted to demonstrate to the public a were getting things done.

Now the dynamic is demonstrate you are doing nothing and you are abstracting the other side.

Let's come back and we will talk about women in education.


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