U.S. Government Shutdown Enters 7th Day

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Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports on today's top news stories on Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money." (Source: Bloomberg)

Question is -- is it for everyone?

Welcome today number seven.

Hundreds of the -- hundreds of furloughed workers and a bickering washington this week, looks like more of the same except for one small thing.

On the 17th congress is playing with fire if they do not extend the debt limit.

We have a very short window of time before those scenarios start to play out.

As if the shutdown and the fact that congress has not passed a budget were not enough, the u.s. edge is expected to run out of cash in 10 days.

But all congress has to do is ask the debt ceiling, right?

We are not going to pass a clean debt increased erie of the votes are not in the house.

The president is risking default by not having the conversation with us.

Ok, a clean debt limit.

What the speaker means by that is at his house will not pass the bill that raises his debt ceiling.

Illuminating government regulations, mandating approval of the keystone pipeline?

I will not pay a ransom in exchange for raising the debt ceiling.

As reckless as the government shutdown is, default for not paying the bills would be genetically worse.

Let's get this straight, not only does congress and the white house have to find a way to avoid default, they have to actually sign a budget, something they have not done and before there were ipods.

The last time they had a real spending plan?

Washington, what is your problem?

The leadership has an obligation to act on behalf of the country.

Individual members can stake out extreme positions from the left or the right, but the leadership has to bring it together and the system has to compromise.

No party controls washington by itself today.

That is john engler, the voice of what him.

The series -- ceo is saying.

The leadership has to act on behalf of the country.

Leadership can stake out extreme positions from the left or the right, but the leadership has to bring it together, the system has to compromise.

No party controls washington by itself today.

That is for sure.

We have a ceo or three in our midst to might want to weigh in.

They cannot believe that if you look at the united states as a big corporation, the biggest in the world, that our board of directors in the congress, that they are not sitting down together and working this out.

The one that can cause really hurt -- permanent damage is default thing on our debt.

To throw it away after 200 years is a significant problem.

People like me and small businesses, large businesses, we look at this and go -- you cannot count on what those guys are going to do.

We cannot count on them doing the smart thing, so we are going to wait.

There is no sense in investing or hiring right now.

If we default, the first thing that will happen is there will be a dramatic shift out of the dollar, interest rates will rise and we will no longer have the benefit of being the reserve currency of the world.

This is critical to the role of the united states and the world.

We are the principal economic power and can deal with a great bit of benefit and good for our country with that, and without that we will be shunned and rightly so.

These guys are not done.

You can watch the heads of honeywell, lowe's, and boston properties on our latest ceo summit and again tonight at 9:00

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