U.S. Decision on Syria Hangs Over G-20 Gathering

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Sept. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News' Indira Lakshmanan examines the latest news on the United States' efforts to launch a strike against Syria for use of chemical weapons, President Barack Obama's move to receive Congressional approval for a strike and the international reaction to the crisis. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Great economics.

Maybe less of a worry.

Here we got it paid -- here we go up 15. i would say there is a calm on oil.

A bit.

A more of the divergence between u.s. oil and brent.

Still elevated to the political risk.

Brent crude 115.07. the white house is shoring up the pork for a strike on syria.

The defense secretary will appear before defense hearings today.

President obama heads to sweden tonight.

Sticking to the schedule.

What is the international reaction to a potential u.s. strike?

That is the question we will dive into now.

Take of the new diplomacy.

Covering foreign affairs for bloomberg news.

She joins us on the phone from washington.

Good morning to you.

How uncomfortable well the body language be at the meetings?

Hard to make words for that.

President obama is showing up with all the other big fish and the host has been the loudest in voicing his opposition to any kind of u.s. strike, or for that matter, any kind of strike against his long-time ally.

It is hard to a imagine how difficult the body language will be there.

When you look at this in the day-to-day struggle, i am surprised how little discussion there is of saudi arabia.

Are they part of the dialogue?


A lot of back kenneling going on.

Every day john kerry makes calls to his counterparts throughout the world.

An emphasis to the calls and the saudis, the turks, british, and the french.

They are ones that have been supporting the ouster verbally . they have also been giving weapons to the syrian opposition to oust them.

There was talk yesterday among some of the leading proponents of congressional authorization for the president to get powers for a military strike on syria.

There is talk about bolstering the syrian opposition.

As you know, perception is so key.

The idea that the president will hand office for congressional approval.

How will that play out in the international community?

It is not going to look good for anybody if he loses the vote.

What the president was doing here is drawing congress and to this.

He drew the red line.

He forced himself to take action.

In a way, making the decision to say you authorize it.

Means he is sharing responsibility with them for whatever happens.

In terms of how it makes us look overseas, no question if congress does not authorize action, you can say it is a democracy and the president will not do something without lawmakers.

On the other hand, it would certainly make the president lose credibility when he has said all right he believes there should be a strike.

To cut the president has put john kerry out there, making the case the syrian government did use a chemical weapons attack.

I can tell you today that we now have evidence from hair and blood samples from first responders in east damascus, the people who came to help, we have signatures of their hair and blood samples.

The case is growing stronger by the day.

I believe as we go forward in the next day's, congress will recognize we cannot allow him to be able to gas people with impunity.

Making a forceful case.

If this gets a no vote, does that set up the u.s. for a costlier intervention down the road?

That is certainly an arguments of taking up a larger military action.

At the same time, people on the other side saying, a very defiant tone, saying the u.s. has no proof he was the one who ordered the strike.

People on that side saying there is a possibility the middle east is a tinderbox and everything could spill over.

Just in the minutes we have been speaking come israeli radio has confirmed they launched a missile test.

The israelis guarding for any possible action in their region as well.

You have been doing this for years at the boston globe.

How are original is the method by the president?

I could not get a handle this weekend on how the international relations community is reacting to the process the president has gone under.

How original is the territory the president is on?

It is very unexpected.

Everyone thought the president was starting for a missile strike, a limited one he had spoken about and people have spoken about over the weekend.

It was taken as a really surprised development when he decided on what he announced, he decided to wait for congressional authorization.

This is the president who when he was campaigning, a former constitutional law lecturer himself said he did not agree with president's doing military action without authorization of congress.

In one way he is trying to live his own words.

As far as the reaction, there was one well-known commentator who referred to it for the waiting for good dose strategy.

This was a test a missile defense.

What is israel thinking right now?

I think they are concerned about any action that is taken in syria having spillover effects.

They are concerned about rockets coming over from his belote and hamas -- hezbollah and hamas.

They want to be ready for any bench quality.

Does it mean going it alone?

I do not think there has been discussion of that at this point.

There is so is a possibility, but that is not what i think people have in mind at this point.

I think people are talking about self-defense.

In washington on the diplomacy of the events in syria.

We will continue to keep you apprised.

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Coming up, we will speak to the c.f.o.

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