Ferguson Problems About More Than Race

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Aug. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s James Ellis discusses race relations in Ferguson and mapping the decline of St. Louis, Missouri. He speaks with Tom Keene on "Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The president has both police and protesters to order in ferguson, missouri.

It is one thing to observe and discuss these many challenges of ferguson, it is another to have lived the experience.

"bloomberg businessweek" spent time with the "st.

Louis dispatch." wonderful to have you here, jim.

We really appreciate your first look here on surveillance." if you were to speak to anyone in america, including the president about ferguson, what is distinct and original?

One thing about ferguson the people have to recognize is that a lot of people think of the problems that do with race, problems with class and income, as being inner-city problems.

I think what ferguson shows us is that what used to be thought of as inner-city problems in the 1960's in 1970's have moved to the first ring of suburbs.

Ferguson is as isolated racially and economically as an inner-city neighborhood.

People would be surprised by the isolation impact.

What i think you were so good at, the advantage of an inner-city is that you can focus on the mayor.

Is there an institutional center to a ferguson, missouri, where you can have that one voice?


because of the way mystery has been organized, there are lots of small municipalities.

Probably over 100 municipalities within st.

Louis county.

You have a lot of people who don't have a lot of power.

And on thing -- you have a town that is 70% black and the police force and institutions are all white.

5% black police force.

People feel they have no power.

When all they see is military for our -- power from the police, that is troubling.

We talked about it being the legacy of civil war dynamics.

It has much more of the south.

You have to realize -- i grew up in st.

Louis and worked there.

Did you ceased in new zealand play -- see stan muziel play?

I did not.

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