U.S. Can’t Take Strong Action Against Putin: Gill

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March 10 (Bloomberg) –- University of Sydney Professor Graeme Gill discusses the conflict in Ukraine, Crimea’s succession vote and the advance of pro-Russia forces in Crimea. He speaks to Rishaad Salamat on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move Asia.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Situation in ukraine right now and we are joined by a university student and international relations professor in soviet politics.

We have russia flexing a nationalistic muscle.

How far will they go?

It is unclear as to what they want to get out of this and whether he uses any more muscles or flexes any more muscles will depend on what the west does and what happens in crimea on the 16th of this month.

It is a delicate balancing act and at the moment, vladimir putin is losing.

Is that the verdict from a political standpoint?

I think that is wrong by 180 degrees and it is clear that there are a couple of losers.

The west is losing because they can be seen as being instrumental in bringing about the situation and president obama has laid down a redline.

The west has not taken any strong action our military action, given the logistical problems.

I think that the west is a loser and the ukraine government has seen that they want to hold onto crimea and the likelihood is that they will not be able to.

We will go when and defend where russians need defending.

He has not laid out statements and at this stage, he is in front.

There is a vote coming up and is that almost issue when that the crimea returns or goes to russia?

A majority people who live in crimea are ethnic russians and a lot of people will not dissipate in the vote because they are worried about possible repercussions if they support the ukrainian side.

I think the vote will go ahead and the majority will support the return to russia.

The ukraine has had the crimea as a constituent part of the country since 1954. it was part of the russian empire until my 254 when it was taken from russia and given to the ukraine.

If the crimea goes to russia or the eastern part of the country that also has a sizable part, what about that going?

This is the dangerous part and what we could have is the ukraine structuring a role with a western part of the country that was part of poland until the second world war.

It is a strong national hysteria and essential part of the country is a more mixed area and the ukraine is clearly in the majority.

It is possible that local authorities and ease the country could appeal to moscow and if

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