U.S. Autos on Track for Best Year Since 2007

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Aug. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Jamie Butters reports on the latest markets news on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

The chevy impala is getting rave reviews.

I believe the ford sold out at one point.

Our american automakers back at the front?

They are doing well.

The chevy impala got a great review from consumer reports.

It is a transitional product.

It had been a rental car.

Sold stripped- down, a big car that was durable and now they have made it a good looking car.

It is a nice car.

It is really moving up in the segment.

Fusion is doing well.

We are also seeing small cars and big trucks.

Now they are even doing well in small cars.

Detroit is on a roll.

Trucks were a strong segment.

Do you think gm can take back some market share from ford?

G.m. had a bigger gain this month.

Ford had a better year.

Gm is on the cusp, or the beginning, of a real product renaissance.

They are refreshing almost every vehicle in the lineup.

Now they are coming to the big volume, their full-size pickup, the silver rondo, the sierra.

They can put some pressure on ford.

The f series is selling well.

This is not just a detroit story.

Japanese automakers are also doing well.

What is happening with them?

They were all up today.

It comes back to their core with toyota.

You are the camera, the pre-is, the altima, -- the prius, the altima, they are up a big gains.

Some of it has been the yen.

Nissan has cut their product.

The new accord is fabulous and selling well.

Jamie butters, thank you for joining us.

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