U.S. 30-Year Yield Hits 9-Month Low

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April 25 (Bloomberg) -- On today’s “The Roundup,” Trish Regan, Matt Miller, Julie Hyman and Eric Chemi wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Where people think they see safety relative to what they saw in the stock market.

The simmering conflict between russia and ukraine and that effect, treasuries up in the 30-year bond yield reaching the lowest level in nine months.

Obama discussing the possibility of wider sanctions.

Secretary of state john kerry said vladimir putin is running out of time to ease tensions and ukraine.

This also speaks to the broader seeing -- broader theme where they think yields are going up and they are stubborn.

What is your roundup on?


If you look at that chart, 3.9 seven percent and straight downhill from there.

The fed, inflation, growth all pointing to lower yields.

They say there's not as much inflation and they can start raising rates a little down the load and it will hold down the long end of the curve.

This has been the biggest growth in 30-year bond prices in the first five months of the year since 19 88. it's much more than ukraine.

A lot of factors are pushing this down.

That's fascinating.

T-mobile ceo has not only become a nuisance to his rivals but getting paid more as well.

He earned $30 million last year chopping the salaries of at&t and verizon the ceos.

Mcadams made only $16 million, poor by comparison.

He has got rid of contract plans and cut prices forcing rivals to follow suit poking fun at them particularly at&t ceo randall stephenson and he wears a ridiculous pink shirt and either an airing or a horn around a chain.

I think his name is pronounced "like ledger.

Juliett i spend a lot of time in -- julie and i spent a lot of time in gay paris.

T-mobile stock price doubled in the time he got there in the first eight months.

Compared to sprint, no other telecom company or other wireless company can say they doubled their stock price so if anybody deserves to get paid, this is the one guy.

He's doing the job of tito people.

He's the spokesperson.

He does not need to pay catherine zeta jones anymore.

Spokesperson and ceo.

And it was his first year.

T-mobile is setting pace for the other phone companies now.

Both verizon and at&t coming out with earnings the past few days.

Even though the earnings were ok, people are looking ahead.

They are saying because they are late to the prepaid game, the one that t-mobile owns at this point, it will be down for profit down the road but it is already what t-mobile does.

It's not an issue for them like it is for the more traditional wireless phone companies.

Plus he got a $1 billion bonus for pretending to like mac kelmore.

Sprint ceo got $15 million.

Like i said, he's the spokesperson, two jobs and one.

Indeed this says production has resumed at the chinese company.

They did not disclose how many employees have returned.

They have been on strike over a dispute regarding pay.

The factory also make shoes for nike, coma, and reebok.

It's a big deal in terms of its ability -- it also make shoes for nike, puma, reebok.

It says something bigger and broader about china.

As the economy evolves and improves, they're going to have to start paying workers more and more and they will become more demanding.

That was the thing.

They apparently were falsifying their records in terms of social security benefits they were supposed to be paying out these workers according to chinese law.

Then they have also changed the laws.

30,000 workers could go on strike.

You are absolutely right.

It would not have mattered they were supposed to pay these workers more.

They just would not have.

They are getting brazen, let's say, and china.

At they were in america, they would be the fifth biggest between ibm and mcdonald's. they are gigantic.

It's a tough day for passengers on a virgin australia flight.

A drunk passenger on board a plane to indonesia caused a hijack scare after trying to enter the cockpit.

En route from business in -- en route from brisbane, the cockpit was never breached.

That's a scary thing though.

When alec baldwin is not on your flight, most people are well behaved.

There were 6000 incidents of unruliness up from just 500 five years before that.

This is a high-growth industry.

People are getting drunk.

This industry is trying to figure out what to do about it and a lot of the problem is actually because the planes are mostly leased.

50% darlene stand where the jurisdiction is does not necessarily correlate to where they are flying or who owns it.

There's a big problem.

At always thought it was odd that you essentially have a flying bar.

Your only options are getting drunk and watching movies.

That's the only thing you can do.

And eat.

We should do a story about you in the same situation.

I'm terrified of air marshals.

I cannot believe more people are not scared of getting in trouble.

You can get in trouble for that kind of stuff.

Let's turn to a more potentially heartwarming story now.

A little girl did her father a big favor.

Charlotte walked toward the first lady and said, my dad has been out of a job for three years and i wanted to give you his resume.

Michelle obama seemed taken aback.

The two briefly spoke and obama held up the resin they -- resume.

It is unclear what will be the outcome but one would assume -- collective work for the obama 2012 campaign.

His wife works in the executive office and they spoke to the daughter this past weekend joking maybe you should pitch michelle obama on getting your dad a job.

Trying to get a job in the obama administration.

This is not just a random guy.

I thought it was just some poor, out of work guy.

That makes it less touching.

When you get the details.

He's been out of work three years.

He's using his daughter in a pr stunt to get a job from the first lady.

I don't know.

I hope the guy gets a job.

We hope.

Anyway, great to have you here.

Coming up, a tour of the new

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