U.K. Wants More Guarantees From Pfizer

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May 12 (Bloomberg) -- The U.K. signaled it wants more guarantees from Pfizer, the U.S. drugmaker seeking to acquire AstraZeneca, and held open the possibility of blocking the deal using a “public interest” defense. Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde reports on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Doors are open in the united kingdom for business but to know that he can protect jobs in the united kingdom as well.

This is why pfizer is basically giving lessons in public relations.

They released a series of videos trying to document what is in the interest of pfizer and astrazeneca joining together.

There is a cultural tapestry going over this back to fleming and penicillin.

Are the united kingdom people engaged in this debate or is it just a debate of business in the city?

I believe it is engaged.

That is the bbc's political viewpoints.

Millions of to -- millions to and then.

A key topic was david cameron having to come forward and saying he will protect jobs.

He has got to show he can somehow square that circle of inviting businesses into the u.k. but also trying to play heavy.

It is something very much in the front and foremost of people's viewpoints.

They have listed some key promises.

20% of rmb in the u.k. will be protected.

England losing the pride and joy of their pharmaceutical business.

In london we are really building on pharmaceuticals, china to build a tech hub and marry that with pharmaceuticals.

It is an area we feel is a string to our bow.

It is always about jobs and always about politics.

I think pfizer is playing the pr game very well here.

Think you so much.

Bob kerrey with us.

Merger mania is upon us.

Is it different with the 80's? is there a different feeling to this?

Money is practically free.

It's relatively easy to raise the debt to finance these things.

Anytime i can borrow for nothing i am going to be out there buying things.

As for this conversation about england buying the -- does that mean i have to shut up?

We have to get a data check.

Let's tell you how futures are

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