U.K. to Sell 4.23B-Pound Lloyds Bank Stake

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March 26 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Manus Cranny reports on the U.K. government selling a 7.5% stake to money managers to cut its holding to about 25%. He speaks to Mark Barton and Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Since rescuing them under.

Minas cranny is here.

Talk to me about profit.


It is a profit.

The government, there are two prices.

The price at which the government went into lloyds.

The breakeven rises we talk about it bloomberg.

61 pence.

That strips the insurance.

They paid insurance on the toxic assets.

To break even the price is 61 pence.

The first town -- time around they made 67 pounds.

The market is the average price and that is 73.6. has been talk about whether your average joe is going to get a chance to buy into this company.

This is the precursor.

This is step two, george osborne getting to walk away from lloyds.

Well they restart before the end of the year, that is the next step.

It will be taken out to the man on the street.

They will not allow it to pay a dividend.

That was one of the most important facts on this.

I think we're getting closer to them.

It is good news for the ceo and for the government.

It is good news for us.

We are the shareholders in this company.

That is critically important.

It is indicated, they will have to discount it from yesterday's closing prices.

Probably down three percent or 4%. see you later.

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