U.K. Supermarket Wars: Tesco Versus Sainsbury

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Oct. 02 (Bloomberg) -- Bryan Roberts, Director of Retail at Kantar Retail, discusses earnings from Tesco and growing competition from other supermarket purveyors. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

There has been a fragmentation of shopping behavior.

Most people got grocery from a single store that was closest to where they live.

If you search online retail, discount stores have sprung up around the country.

The discount channel knows no limits.

The discounts have impressive numbers in 2014. they are looking at shopping trips.

We are getting huge amounts of pressure on the soup markets from different ends of the market.

It is fascinating that aldi is coming out and saying they do not need to go online or offer convenience stores.

We'll have to fight tesco?

-- will they have to fight tes co?

Their sweet spot is operating a huge network that is brutally efficient.

Limited range and largely private-label.

They are offering brands, too . they are looking at a and b consumers who shop at multiple stores as part of their repertoire.

Shoppers are being promiscuous and their willingness to shop different retailers on a regular basis.

Outdo supermarkets have to adapt?

Do consumers want the experiences of both?

One of the reasons that tesco has invented their private label is to strangle aldi.

Private-label is an effective way to broaden appeal and combat this.

One tesco introduced the discount brand and started price matching its to aldi.

They will be introducing lobster tail and ham leg.

They're creating an impressive luxury seasonal range.

It is huge and exciting to see what kind of quality products they will the veal -- reveal.

They are proving to be adventurous and capturing more affluent shoppers.

This is a big one for the supermarkets.

Thank you so much.

The director for counter retail.

Here is a company on the move.


A stock spokesman confirmed earlier comments.

They will release quarterly earnings guidance on friday.

Nintendo will put productions of their consul to focus on the new console.

There is no plan to halt production.

Japan is the only place where

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