U.K. Says No on Syria as France Prepares to Act

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Aug. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Middle East Editor Elliott Gotkine examines the state of a possible U.S.-led coalition to strike Syria as the U.K. Parliament votes to not get involved in military action and France signals it is ready to act. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

And nfl whiplash.

The league's huge payout to settle wins over players safety.

Former chicago bear and hall of famer richard dent weighs in.

? from bloomberg world headquarters in new york, this is "in the loop" with betty liu.

Greg good morning.

It is friday, august 30. you are "in the loop," and i'm betty liu.

Chief washington correspondent peter cook at the latest on a possible strike against syria and how winning support has made it a unilateral initiative on the part of the white house.

Will they go it alone.

Middle east editor elliott dokken in tel aviv.

People bracing for an attack.

Markets reporter alix steel watching how investors are playing defense going into the three-day weekend here in the u.s. all in the midst of a showdown over syria.

Let's stay in washington.

President barack obama weighing whether to go it alone now and launch military strikes on syria over the use of chemical weapons in the country.

After the u.k. parliament rejected prime minister david cameron's call for action.

Chief washington correspondent peter cook has more.

Peter, is the white house prepared to act on its own?

Well, the message we're getting from the white house, ed.d., is that it is prepared to act on its own, but it certainly does not want to.

The preferences to have international partners involved in all this, and the british fold yesterday -- vote yesterday, clearly a blow.

285-272, that was the tally in the house of commons projecting david cameron's call to dissipate in some military action.

Some military response in a serious to the syrian use of chemical weapons great afterwards, david cameron acknowledged this was a blow and then he gets it.

Quite the british parliament reflecting the views of the bid -- the british people does not want to see rish military action.

I get that, and the government will act accordingly.

Quite the government will act accordingly, and the u.s. government will act accordingly as well.

According to chuck hagel, that means continuing to talk with international partners about some sort of collaboration here, but the president, the mess we are -- the message we're getting is attack if necessary.

He did get critical support from the french president francois hollande who said the french are prepared to act as well.

Unusual given where we were in it with the french in terms of iraq not too long ago.

It would be the french you would be stepping up on -- who would be stepping up beside president obama.

Peter, where does the president stand in terms of support from congress?

Well, many of the conflicting views that we heard in the british parliament reflect it in congress right now.

There are certainly those that are hesitant to get involved in syria.

There are questions about whether the president needs to get support from congress before he can take any action.

He had a 90 minute called with his top national security advisers, 90 minute call with congressional leaders yesterday briefing them on where things stood, talking about the next steps here.

Afterwards, a mixture of responses, but perhaps the strongest support from nancy pelosi, the house democratic leader, saying in her statement it is clear that the american people are weary of war, however a sawed gassing his own -- assad gassing his own people is an issue of our national security, regional stability, and global's security.

Support from nancy pelosi, at least a signal of support from nancy pelosi with regard to military action.

Lots of questions on capitol hill, a real push for the president to get not only confrontation with congress but approval from congress.

Right now, not clear that that sort of vote is going to happen and how that vote would turn out if the president were to seek it.

Peter, thank you for outlining that.

Peter cook, our chief washington correspondent.

For more on syria, i want to head over to our least editor in tel aviv, elliott dokken.

There has been a severe reach of international law, but there is no agreement on what happens next.

That is right, betty.

That is a point on the nose for british prime minister david cameron, probably translating into a punch in the air.

He will be deliriously happy on what he a single on your.

He sees it as a little victory, managing to fracture what ever coalition obama was planning to cobble together before a shot at even the fire.

At the same time, he may feel emboldened to continue going about his business as he pleases.

It has already started according to reports rearranging some of his missiles and launchers.

In anticipation of a possible attack.

An interesting report out from a russian news agency indicates he has taken delivery of -- these are important for a couple of reasons.

They would cause headaches for any air attacks on syria because of much stronger defenses.

Also because the last time that syria planes had taken delivery a couple of months back, the israelis said they would not know what to do if syria were to receive delivery of those, in other words take them out.

And norm is the convenient that syria might receive this kind of missile system at the same time as it's a staunch ally, russia, is trying to dissuade the rest from launching any attacks.

As peter cook mentioned, president hollande support.

Sitting side-by-side with the u.s. president.

Meanwhile, syria itself, you and expect there's rain on the ground.

They were visiting a military hospital today to look at allegations that assad's on the troops suffer from a chemical weapons attack.

They are due to leave damascus tomorrow at present there report for these u.s. secretary-general on sunday.

It is really between then and thursday that there is a window of opportunity for some kind of attack from the u.s. because of course on thursday, obama is due in russia for the start of the g 20. very hard to see an attack from the u.s. on russia's biggest ally in the region.

They face a very fears russia resisted.

When you can have obama and putin anything repaired cracks that will be a difficult situation to navigate.

Elliott, thank you for that report.

Elliott gotkine, our middle east editor in tel aviv.

More on how people are embracing for a market strike.

Alix steel, there is a lot at play here.

Where going into what is normally a quiet weekend because of the labor day holiday.

How are investors going to position themselves?

Markets are relatively flat this morning.

Traders i have spoken to are pretty much already at the beach but are expecting some trading.

As futures sitting on moving averages.

Overall, some concerns.

Higher oil prices, higher interest rates, possible u.s. military action in syria.

Taper talk in the desolate, you name it.

-- taper talk and the debt ceiling, you name it.

The s&p average a decline of just over .1% during the labor day week with positive returns less than 50% of the time.

But don't worry yet because year to date we have seen double- digit gains for the market and historically when the s&p is up between 10% and 20%, things are much better with the s&p gaining an average of .4%. september is usually one of the worst month in stock.

Yes, people forget that, but that is actually the trend.

It is the worst for any month for the doubt.

Over the past 20 years, the out -- the dow average is a decline of .75 of eight percent -- .75%. like all across the board you are seeing a relative selloff in terms of gold.

Gold up $50, under $1400 an ounce.

Gold traders are actually more bullish since march according to bloomberg surveyed.

They're concerned that military action in syria is driving gold prices to bullish territory.

We have seen a holding of the metal expand over the last two weeks.

This is according to bloomberg data.

Compass patrick of citigroup during this week said he is looking for $3500 goal in the next two years.

So optimism reporting their.

Alix, thank you on the markets angle, alix steel, markets reporter.

In a few moments, we will be talking more about president obama on serial.

-- on syria.

With us as lawrence wilkerson , former chief of staff to colin powell.

? back on the corporate front, moving and shaking, dennis crowley whose company is at the center of a bidding war for microsoft and america's rest who want to take stake in foursquare.

-- american express who want to take stake in foursquare pretty foursquare was founded only four years ago.

The talk with amex and microsoft has become more attractive since it introduced a new advertising approach.

American express already offers discounts to people who check in on foursquare and pay their bills there with an amex card.

Real estate appears to hit a speed bump.

We will talk with the ceo of one of the nation's biggest home

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