U.K. Parliament Split Over Energy Plan

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Oct. 01 (Bloomberg) -- Peter Atherton, Utilities Analyst at Liberum Capital, discusses an energy bill making its way through U.K. politics and Germany’s push towards more sustainable energy sources. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Heard from the labour party.

One of these things is freezing power bills.

Practical or politics?

That with the legislation in place.

It is not salty problem -- it does not solve the problem of rising costs.

That seems to be rising demand.

The government position.

What that means is that you have to go to a power system.

There are enormous costs associated with that.

The politicians are promising the industry that if they make that investment, the consumer will pick up the cost of it.

What labor is done is say that they want the industry to put the cost for two years.

The interesting thing is that it is like 1.5 olympics every year.

The immense effort.

From utility ceos to analysts and environmental lobbyists, the one thing i get from the side of the story is what we want is carrots -- charity.

But we have is a lack of charity.

How can a look at this and say, we do not have clarity once again?

The compact was that industry would make investment and that the politicians would make sure that the consumers pick up the bill.

Labor just threw that out the water.

The energy bill is dead on arrival.

The energy bill you will get at the end of the year was expected to unleash 100 billion in investment before 2020. i cannot see how that investment can go forward.

Can i change direction?

There is a suggestion that merkel might go with the greens.

She is made significant moves to the green lobby.

Germany suffers from some of the most exorbitant how are prices in europe.

If she makes that move, what would be the impact on the germany energy market?

Merkel has signed germany up after the fukushima accident.

German politics has moved a little bit towards slowing things down.

What that means is that germany has the highest end user energy prices in the western world and injure -- energy has grown from that.

That cannot continue.

Energy exemptions will be winnowed down and gotten rid of all stop thank you very much.

For those listening on the radio, -- is coming up next.

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