U.K. Markets Cheap, Retail Interesting: Godding

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Jan. 07 (Bloomberg) -- Chris Godding, Investment Manager at Signia Wealth, discusses his investing strategy for 2014 and why he finds the U.K. retail sector interesting. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)


From industries or something you think will be a real bargain this year?

Is generally we have seen towards the end of last year with cyclical stocks starting to outperform.

It has just been upgraded.

That has been a quiet stop for a couple years.

We like technology.

We like industrials and anything slightly cyclical.

How do you actually do technology.

2013 was the year of technology.

Part of the technology stocks are actually very softly.

We are emphasizing the technology stocks that tend to make money and have persistency in earnings.

The semi conductor sector is probably an area that has been downgraded by a couple of analysts recently on the fact it has gone too far.

We were deemphasizing and emphasizing the software side.

Now google remains one of the biggest money owners.

It's companies are always earning decent profits.

They expect the growth to pick up in 2014 and 2015. any money to be made in retailers?

Is it is not an area we emphasize.

The u.k. market is a big cash flow.

It is a big market for a lot of strategists.

It is a cheap market.

Some of those come from retailers.

Some of them could be interesting from a free cash flow point of view.

Thank you.

Next we will talk about the u.s.. we will talk about tapering.

Here is a look at what else is coming up.

The smartphone wars heat up as amazon faces challenges.

And it is back to basics for blackberry.

Plus goldman's chief economist joins us for the key questions facing the economy this year.

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