U.K. ILO Employment Rate 7.7%, Jobless Claims Fall

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Oct. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Guy Johnson and Francine Lacqua report that the U.K. unemployment rate held steady at 7.7 percent for the three months through August as jobless claims dropped the most in 16 years. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Welcome back.

We're just getting the u.k. data.

This is unemployment, the key metric for marconi and the bank of england.

The claimant counts revised to show a fall in september jobless claiming counts as well.

The ilo number has come down, it has fallen by over 41,000. bigger number, better for the economy, worse for mark carney.

But have a look at the reaction.

It is a little bit better for the economy.

That is one of the things we have been exploring here on "the pulse." we have a senior economist saying that britain is outset -- set to per out -- outperform the rest of europe.

It points to a better recovering economy.

The ilo number at 7.7% matches estimates.

And in my number on the ilo.

The pound has come off a little bit.

It might ease a little bit of pressure on the front as well.

We will keep an eye on the straight.

Huge news for the u.k.. time for the bloomberg cap headlines.

Just a day until the debt ceiling deadline.

Leaders are rushing to reach an agreement.

Last night a plan from house

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