U.K. Housing Market May Be Economic Danger: Rundle

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March 25 (Bloomberg) -- Joe Rundle, head of trading at ETX Capital, examines company news from EasyJet, Royal Mail, Wolseley and Kingfisher on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.”

Is a stock of their reached an all-time record in february.

Since then it is down by 8%. what is the read through of today's announcement?

The announcement is very clear there are confidence at all angles.

It is falling.

This is a company that said the weather has been a steady the share.

Usually people blame weather for a loss of earnings.

And the cost of the seat will be lower and they are increasing their revenue per seat with allocated seating and people using them for slightly longer flights look.

It is more viable.

I think it has a long ways to go upwards from here.

Not such a great story coming out of royal mail.

They are talking about job cuts.

It is going to reach all of the headlines and will be on the national press tomorrow.

I think it is probably good news.

The markets is, it's flat.

They need to transform itself and continue the transformation program and to shed jobs that were the fat brought, they were under government ownership.

Obviously, we will see headlines and talks about strikes which will overhang the stock for a period of time and he needs to do this to survive in the long run.

Big exposure to the u.s. construction market.

Pretax profit almost doubled in the first half.

Shares down by 3%, unchanged and a 12 months.

Is there a reason to buy this stock?

A very, very good one and that 12 months before.

The u.s. housing market kicked off.

It is playing catch-up.

With the continued u.s. recovery, people beginning to set the interest rate.

Is the right thing to do.

It would normalize the housing market.

People are going to carry on spending in the u.s. they will continue to be strong.

The housing market will power i had.

More sustainable footing and that should allow wosley to grow.

And they u.k. housing market is flying at the moment.

That is an opportunity.

Another company, the housing market is kingfisher.

Home improvement business.

We spoke to ian, the ceo and he said the housing market is not back at a frothy level but they are benefiting.

Yeah, they are.

They are getting the best point.

People are improving their homes and using.

They are beginning to trade again.

People are trusting and decorating their houses.

They are in a good spot.

They had a weak q1. because of the weather and other

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