U.K.: Deal on $22B Nuclear Plant `Extremely Close’

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Oct. 14 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Manus Cranny reports on building Britain’s first nuclear power station since 1995 with Electricite de France. He speaks with Francine Lacqua on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Bringing manus cranny.

What do we know?

It is the timing of the announcement.

Getting the ducks in the row.

The last of the nuclear will go off-line in 2023. this is important.

The size of the investment.

Thousands of jobs and millions of pounds going into the economy.

The real debate is trusted.

What price are you going to give the contractor for the electricity?

This is the issue.

They were originally going to join up with edf.

It looks like it will be 93 pounds a kilowatt hour.

Why are you paying these guys almost double?

These projects are huge.

These delays are phenomenal and the cost of delays can be phenomenal.

I am the government getting ready to do a better deal in terms of price.

Edf is bringing in a chinese partner to help with this.


This gets back to the original partner.

It looks like edf will sell 49% to china general nuclear power corporation.

They will announce this later in the week.

There are some issues.

People get a little bit hack old -- hackkled.

When it comes to the message, which is clear and focused from the mayor of london and the prime minister and chancellor, we are open for business.

I talked to the government about this and the opportunities for british nuclear companies in china.

The chinese and koreans and other countries are very interested in the opportunities in britain.

They talk to a lot of people and they are keen on it.

As the vanguard of their investment.

The infrastructure project, if you like to think of it in those terms.

The chinese are hungry and they are snapping up property around britain.

The biggest chinese investment in the united states ever.

Here in the unit and kingdom that here in the united kingdom, there's a fanfare of public relations.

That is very important.

Do we know when this would be finished or up and running?

Somewhere around 2023. there's a long way to go before they get the deal.

There will be the chinese and the technology.

It is their plant/ . thank you so much.

We'll tell you what george

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