U.K. and Mini Production Belong Together: Pieper

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Nov. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Juergen Pieper, Analyst of Industrial at B Metzler Seel Sohn & Co., discusses the coming introduction of a new model from BMW’s Mini and what that means for the U.K. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Don't know how much it will cost.

Somewhere between 15000 and 18,000 pounds is what we understand.

I think concerning the design, the looks, it must look very similar to the old one.

The mini is one of the most loved cars still after five years on the road.

The changes bmw will do here are similar to what they will do with the x 543 series.

-- x5 or 43 series.

I think the biggest changes is that they will share a platform with the one series.

Give me a sense of how important it is to the many -- mini that it continues to be made in the u.k.. is that essential to the brand?

Yes, the importance of mini, earnings wise, it might contravened -- contribute to the earnings.

It doesn't sound like much, but from the marketing standpoint, mini is extremely important.

I think it is the best brand for buyers.

It also is linked closely to the u.k. i think u.k. production and mi ni belongs together.

You were mentioning, you think mini is a very good brand, every iconic.

Caroline was talking about the films it is in.

This is very valuable for bmw.

Why is the mini almost a car like no other?

I think it is a mixture of some older values.

It looks very similar to the many -- mini which was 55 years old.

It was always produced in the u.k. while many other brands have died or have left the u.k. this is something very special.

I think bmw is also really improving their own brands.

They have improved rolls-royce insert -- recently and also mini.

Is there something to be said for that?

Are there any lessons that bmw can take from it?

Or do they just need to leave mini alone and capitalize on its success?

I think both things belong together.

Bmw is putting a lot of money into mini.

In the first years, i think this was more one-way, money being put from bmw.

As i said, the brand is probably the brand that has accelerated the most, gained the most and is now number one to three among young buyers in europe.

I think bmw -- both things belong very closely together.

Thank you so much for that.

Guy, what is coming up?

What we have coming up for you?

The biggest economy had it problem with its currency this year.

Down against the dollar.

We are talking about south africa.

Goldman sachs partner has an interesting perspective.

We look at the long-term story on how this economy develops next right here on "the pulse." ?

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