Tyson Tries a Convenient Prepared Food Strategy

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Oct. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Alix Steel reports that Tyson is targeting convenience stores as it ramps up production of prepared meals. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”



You could get sexier food items.

How about buffalo bites, a burger, frones cage untortalini.

Tyson supplies beef and chicken but it's trying to ramp up its prepared foods at convenience stores.

That's where people are buying more and more meals.

So places without gas stations and they fell as much as grocery stores and super markets.

So it could help them stabilize their margins and offset some of the market and a lot of people already buy the company's raw and cooked products and now they are just trying let them buy it at convenience stores as well.

They have 1300 individual food items already.

So you could eat a whole meal at a convenience stomplet are these stores growing in snubs well, the analysts really think it's people are going to be tricky and picky when they come to grocery store purchases but might shell out more cash when it comes to gas station purchases.

It's almost double what it was six years ago and tyson has big dreams hoping these sales can help increase annual earnings by 10% on average and grow sales 3%-4% and that particular slide of foods can grow.

But the fact of the -- matter is they have well outpaced the russell food index but the food is still relatively cheap, trades at just 10 times versus hormel at 19 times and i have to say when i take those three to four-hour drives i would love to take in a meal that's not a pretzel.

Or hot pretzel and cheese dip.

Something a little better for you when you're on a four-hour drive.

Now it's 56 minutes past the hour which means bloomberg television is on the markets.

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