Two Stolen Paintings Found Hanging on Kitchen Wall

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April 3 (Bloomberg) -- Adam Johnson reports on stolen art found on a kitchen wall in Italy. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Paintings in our world?

Painting in the art world.

For the past four decades,'s -- two stolen paintings valued at $7 million have been hanging on the kitchen wall.

An italian factory worker bought them back in 1970 five.

$70. last summer spotting one in an art book.

There it is.

Art experts told the new york times it might be worth 15 million.

The other painting is by peer bernard.

It is all that circuit 1905 stuff.

My best knowledge is the ham and cheese in the lobby.

I would say the europeans do this better.

Much more accessible.

A lot of stolen art.

What was the movie just out?

Monuments men.

Is this a big deal in london?

Not so much in london.

The reality is you have a huge amount of art and the second world war that went missing and is still missing.

The swiss banks have not cover themselves in glory in relation to this.

Any people have asked questions about where a lot of assets are.

They will remain for a long time.

The famed roman cross from early medieval.

It was like in four or five parts.

A guy in yugoslavia found it in the 1950's. they think it came from richard lionheart.

He was in germany.

1066. they think the cross ended up in yugoslavia or germany.

I am not sure the viewers thought they would get it either.

Basically you contract the passage of wealth and power over time.

Changing fortunes of people.

Dairy well put.

Like thank you very much.

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