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March 31 (Bloomberg) –- FXPro Senior Analyst Angus Campbell discusses the stocks that he’s watching this week with Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Couple of top stock picks.

Angus campbell, thank you for joining us.

It is going to be a fairly quiet weeks in terms of earning reports.

But we have got a couple of interesting companies reporting.

Let's start with tomorrow.

We get numbers from my cap.

What do we expect to see there?

Icap is a company that is very dependent on trading volumes.

It has had a tough year so far.

The shares have really underperformed.

They have been quite volatile themselves.

That is because the fourth quarter of 2013 was particularly poor.

Volumes were quite low.

Of course these regulatory risks are around icap as well.

That is going to really increase competition quite a bit.

They still maintain a very strong position that once they get through that, they are still in quite a strong position.

They all must have a quarter of that market.

The stock has had a tough year.

This is a level where maybe it should be considered very interesting in their training statement tomorrow.

The dividend is just under 6%. it is still very cash generative.

Let's talk about a high-growth company, asos.

They have results out on wednesday.

March was not a kind month to this business.

The questions being raised by investors, are they about whether there is growth?

Or are they more about how fast they should go after that growth?

I think that the main thing that happened in march, we saw almost a third wiped off the share prices.

People realized this isn't a pure internet stock.

It is a retailer after all.

It has to incur huge losses.

It has to reinvest.

Capital expenditures have gone up significantly.

That has really pushed costs higher.

People are thinking, this can trade over 100 times earnings.

It has to come back.

Russia and china have also made investors completely rewrite the stock.

It will come back in line with the general retail sector even though it is still trading on huge possible earnings.

Let's talk about the market overall.

The ftse down year-to-date.

Still struggling to take out that all-time high.

We had a couple of goes at it in the last decade.

Struggling to get back to those levels.

I don't want to spook anyone but i think the markets are struggling.

They really are.

The ftse hasn't got to that all-time high.

We had a poor january.

We are about to close negatively for this quarter.

This is the last trading day of the quarter.

It doesn't bode well.

April is quite a bullish month for the ftse.

This time around, people are thinking about geopolitical tensions in ukraine and russia.

China is slowing down.

It was a huge force behind this rally.

There are concerns over what the central banks are doing.

The ecb isn't easing and the federal reserve are tightening.

We will see what happens

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