Twittter’s Challenges: Grow User Base, Mobile Ads

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Oct. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor David Kirkpatrick and Rob Shepardson, co-founder at SS+K discuss the challenge for Twitter to grow its user base while also broadening its mobile advertising and whether the company has better growth potential than Facebook. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Facebook effect.

I think it is interesting the guy who put a buy on it says no one can predict the future.

They are trying to ramp up advertising so dramatically.

At the same time, they do not really have the usage.

People do not understand the company because none of the investors use the product.

Pretty much everyone uses facebook.

You have worked on political campaigns.

Now in marketing.

You use twitter.

Do you find it a less valuable tool?

I think the trick will be for them to monetize in a way that is natural and not offensive to the users.

I love twitter.

It serves the thing that is key to social media, which is a gets people into their passions.

Whether that is politics or sports or leisure wear whatever it is.

The you see that level of engagement with the target?


I think that facebook is a good example where it took them along while to figure out how to monetize their mobile assets of facebook.

Look at the potential.

Facebook is doing video advertisements.

As a million places to put this.

Twitter has one hundred 40 characters.

That is plenty.

Mark twain says i did not have time to write a long letter.

I did not have time to write a short letter.

You can be very creative around 140 spurs.

It is not just about the shortness, but really about the focus of the company on user growth or on modernization?

Facebook has always instilled is primarily focused on growth and user satisfaction.

-- has always focused primarily on growth and user satisfaction.

They are not focusing on the experience?

I think the experience is highly limited and difficult for people to understand how to use.

I think that the people we do a lot of marketing to into medications two, the millennial's and even younger brothers and sisters, they know how to use twitter.

That title wave is coming.

It will be soon.

People love to compare it with facebook.

I observed david -- i observed less use of facebook and more use of twitter.

That is what i observed.

Next add as not a representation of the entire world.

-- that is not a representation of the entire world.

Not the ubiquitous product.

Perfect for people in the self- promotion business.

I think it is great for brands, too.

Very smart brands that are really understanding.

Starbucks for example.

How to get people into the stores and private -- five the product.

Our people will talk to your people.

This has been great.

Can you come the day of the

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