Twitter To-Do List: Preparing for an IPO

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Oct. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Howard Lindzon, CEO at Stocktwits, runs down the to-do list for Twitter as it prepares for its IPO and how he views the company’s valuation. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

What will be the next step for these executives see e they have to go out on the roadshow, they have to not be facebook.

What is on the to do list?

This is an opportunity to show how twitter works, the benefit of using it.

And obviously the --revenue model.

One more question, if you look at the valuation, do you have any idea of valuation, the $1 billion number?

We all know that is a public in -- that is a plug-in.

What powers this working number?

I think you can easily get to that $10 billion to $12 billion.

When you look at the amount of money -- the $400 million, if you put that into context of the boom of the 90s and how big is global brand is, it tends not to get to that $10 billion.

Thank you so much.

We appreciate it.

He is a twitter shareholder.

They get up there near $10 billion, maybe beyond.

On my agenda, following on twitter's tale is facebook.

Instagram is making some big moves.

The photo sharing service announcing yesterday that it will start showing image and video advertisements on its newsfeeds.

What is interesting here, when you compare it to twitter, is that facebook is about 41% of its revenue from mobile.

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