Twitter to Be Goldman's Top Tech IPO Lead

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Oct. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Twitter’s initial public offering will be the largest that Goldman Sachs has led for a U.S. technology or Internet company. Cristina Alesci reports on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

How did goldman sachs seal the deal?

Basically, what happened, according to what happened around the process, is that they got on twitter's doorstep right around the facebook offering with a media circus.

They gave twitter a typical banker pitch.

It was basically, let us in early so you avoid all of the attention the facebook offering is getting.

Subsequent to that, facebook management and employees were distracted by all of the attention it was getting.

Goldman sachs made this compelling argument getting in there saying, keep it quiet.

Keep it with us, one bank.

They will get a lion share of the fees.

-- lyons -- lion's share of the fees.

What about morgan stanley?

If you look at the high- profile offerings they were underwriters on like zynga and groupon, they did not fare well after the offering.

That is where goldman sachs came in and took advantage.

Some analysts are saying this could be a game changer and they could end up becoming number one.

Cristina alesci, our deals reporter on twitter.

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