Twitter Stock Plunges as User Growth Slows

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April 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu reports on how slowing user growth at Twitter is dragging down the stock price as the company looks for ways to monetize its user base on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Sounds great.

Not good enough for investors.

In the fourth quarter, twitter grew its membership base by 30%. the deceleration has everyone concerned.

Membership and twitter overall, 250 5 million monthly active users.

That sounds pretty impressive but it is 1/5 the size of facebook's base.

It has a long way to go to print it is a mainstream school.

Twitter needs to prove it is more than a niche product.

It is a tool for mainstream users and can gain mass appeal and turn it into an advertising powerhouse.

There's the first derivative.

That is a great chart.

The declining rate of growth.

That says it all.

"business insider" had two great charts on this.

You mentioned brian wheezer this morning.

He is pivotal.

He made some interesting comments, whenever you see user growth slowing -- look at the emerging markets.

Brian wieser makes the point that long-term monetization and twitter depends on countries with more robust media markets, the u.s. and u.k. you cannot have growth in indonesia make up for the fact that growth is slowing down in the u.s. you are talking equities more than i am.

Is there a buzz on these stocks?

This trades at 13,000 times earnings.

19.3 times sales, that is the concern.

The dissension between twitter and facebook, twitter is a fifth the size of facebook, but cannot monetize?

What did we learn on the conference call.

The company is focused on mobile, 80% of mobile -- mobile advertising makes up 80% of its total revenue.

Twitter has always done very well.

It is whether it can get the monthly active user number back up in the director investors want to see.

7 buys on twitter versus 14 holds and 13 sells.

Hold and sell is the word.

Gautti eggertson, economics professor at brown university, do you use twitter?

I don't. that's the problem.

Why not?

It never caught on with me.

They need to get mainstream users, gautti is not exactly mainstream.

He is the intellectual elite.

Guys like those who have not really caught on to twitter.

In this world of facebook, twitter, and other innovation -- ned phelps' speech in switzerland, he said we are waiting for that new new.

From where you said, looking at

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