Twitter Still Faces Challenges: Kirkpatrick

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July 29 (Bloomberg) -- Redpoint Ventures' Ryan Sarver and Bloomberg Contributing Editor David Kirkpatrick discuss Twitter's earnings and user growth with Cory Johnson on "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Hard for anything that looked negative and i can usually find something.

I didn't see anything particularly bad here at all.

I think this is a banner quarter for them and what everyone has been hoping to see.

Incredible growth, incredible engagement and the revenue continues to beat everyone's expectations.

A great quarter overall.

Your take?

I'm probably not quite as optimistic.

User growth could be stronger.

These guys are like the little engine that could.

I think they're going to have more trouble than they do.

Koslow is doing a great job and it's wonderful quarter nara major presence in the industry but user growth in the places they can make money, they still had a challenge.

Ask looking at user growth year over year, looking at a quarter after quarter, you're just piling people on top of people.

It's not a seasonal thing, or is it?

I think it's about getting a product in place that continues to connect with users and figures out how to get the best value out of twitter.

They are hyper focused on opening a product that helps users see that value.

Do you think they are really doing a good job owning a product that can help ordinary users connect on twitter?

I think they are getting there.

The world cup was a great demonstration about building a product focused on a very specific experience.

I think there's a lot of work ahead they are starting to get there and see the early turns of that kind of product.

Do you think they are building a good product?

The product is amazing for us and probably even name a jordy of the viewers of this show.

It is not amazing for our siblings, our parents, and even our children.

Certainly our children have an easier time of it.

But it takes an initiation process to use twitter.

I know i myself still get confused about certain things about it and i think they've got an ongoing problem with the product itself.

He also have a problem, even though they have a lot of users, the amount of time users were spending on it is down, so there's another negative.

Plus they have this huge challenge to international users that earn them way less money for a user than to mess to clean, like maybe 1/7 as much.

That's a big set of challenges.

I do think it's an indispensable product that is a central figure in modern culture that will stay for the duration.

My basic view of twitter remains that it will never be a company with the gravitas and scale of facebook and google.

Those who think it will will be disappointed.

How long has there been a debate -- it seems to me there has to be a fundamental decision about do we tailor a product for different kinds of users different needs -- people like david and diane people in the media are constantly broadcasting ideas and reporting in different ways will stop but for other people, are there different products for different people?

I think it's relatively near what they have been doing and it's a simple product that speaks to everyone.

They need to work at building a product that is understandable to all users.

But i disagree that's not going to touch all people around the world and have gravitas like facebook.

They're talking about the off network piece of twitter -- twitter permeates the fabric of society on tv, the web -- it's not just about the people logging into the service.

If you think of twitter as an information you -- information news network and every user with a mobile phone, that's valuable.

It just about albums of photos for friends of stop i think there's a level of gravitas you won't see.

Their job is to get from 271 million users to a billion users and at the vague challenge.

But the fundamentals will be valuable to a million plus users.

-- to a billion plus users.

David kirkpatrick, thank you

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