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Aug. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg senior West Coast correspondent Jon Erlichman reports that Twitter has hired Nathan Hubbard as the social media network's first head of commerce in a push to enable mobile shopping via tweets. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West."

Life from peer three in san francisco, welcome to the early addition of bloomberg west.

Our focus is on innovation, technology and the future of business.

Breaking news.

"bloomberg west" has just learned twitter has hired a hat of commerce hoping to expand the bottom line.

State of emergency.

One of the biggest wildfires in california has served history flames near yosemite national park.

Back to the x-files.

The creator is working with amazon to develop a brand-new original series.

First, to the lead.

We start with some breaking news.

"bloomberg west" has just learned twitter plans to bring shopping.

They are are the staffing up for this change.

They have hired the former ticketmaster president nathan hubbard to be the first head of commerce.

They will have tools for selling goods and services insidee tweets.

Speculation grows about whether a twitter ipo is in the pipeline.

Don erlichman broke the story.

What is the thinking here?

What can you tell us?

Twitter has been thinking about this for a long time.

If you think about the business, it is largely tied to advertising.

They are working with marketers to say how they could take advantage of it.

A lot of them want to things.

To fill a state commerce is a logical extension from where twitter is going.

It is way too early to know what this means.

If you think about twitter, expanding them so you can attach it he owes.

You can see a photo of something that interests you.

You can click it.

You can buy it.

You can go through the transaction.

That would obviously be an exciting thing for twitter to have.

Twitter is not getting into the payments business.

This is about allowing people who are selling things to take advantage of the platform.

What who is navin twitter?

What is he bringing?

He will be reporting directly to the head of global revenue.

They got to know each other for his time.

If we are trying to move this, here is my quote.

We're going to help them use it more effectively.

A straightforward approach.

We will see how it works out.

How does twitter make this work?

Twitter is not google.

People go.

They showed their thing.

There is the mindset if do i want to buy something.

He is decided to give them an opportunity to try.

It is an opportunity to see if they can monetize on the passion of the moment.

Twitter is not the retailer.

The idea would be if there are retailers who know to get to your attention and then you can seamlessly go and buy some inc.. that is what is getting them excited about this possibility.

Likes jon erlichman, it great to hear from you.

For now on the push into e- commerce.

I want to bring in the chairman of investment advisory.

He is also the former canadian director of media sales at interpublic network where he led facebook's networks.

What do you make of this higher?

Wax it is very interesting in . we're seeing a real push to move move into and monetizing entertainment and helping lead the entertainment sales efforts out of la.

Twitter seems to be developing a real interest in using people who have that strong entertainment experience to bring that into the overall twitter ecosystem.

The big decision was the announcement to end physical gifts.

We are entering a larger war whether it is facebook or pensioners.

This is really important.

I see this as a stepping stone to the bigger battle, who is going to own the wallet.

Owning of the digital wallet will extend that and make a company far more scalable than allowing great experiences to happen online.

You mentioned facebook.

This comes as we spoke of facebook ending the selling of physical gifts.

They're also expanding its foot into the payments business.

Twitter is not going into payment.

Give us some context about the wider site?

It is too early to say twitter will never go into payments.

I think there is no question that everyone is thinking about going into payments.

There are a couple of areas you need.

There is physical distribution or amazon is king.

You need to have a currency like we are seeing with google that allows you to scale.

Or you are an enabler.

How do they make it possible to allow them to buy this more easily?

A long time ago they said i want to learn about a car or a product.

There were listings that will show.

You can find out what people are saying.

These are really shortening the overall feedback loop.

It is not going to be a long way for twitter to add this to the overall completion.

What does this mean for you?

Does this mean that i can see a video and click on it?

I should be able to buy it without having to click too many times?

This is not mean anything.

It means down the road twitter will continue their focus on commerce.

They may make it easier for you to buy something.

Mal iu to connect your retail -- it may make it easier to connect your retail experience.

I gave them my twitter handler . we will see that moving into traditional loyalty programs.

It makes it easier for them to complete a transaction.

You cannot do that with a storage information.

That is why it is far from over.

We are always talking about a possible twitter ipo.

Does this or could this give them some sort of new revenue stream and make twitter more attractive?

Wax it could.

Nothing happens overnight.

I think the twitter ipo will be german around the solid situation of the advertising business.

We talked about this yesterday.

Twitter has this.

It is really for the future.

Thank you for weighing in on the new head of commerce.

It received 12,000 this year.

Could they have been your information?

That is next.

You can also watch a streaming on your tablet and zone.

-- and phone.

? welcome back.

The dell drama drags on.

As investors await a shareholder vote, he is pushing ahead in china.

Christine is with us.

This is his third trip to china this year.

What is this all about?

We know it is not number one in china.

What a are trying to do is to highlight part of the business.

They are really looking to capitalize on the growth of cloud-based companies.

They see it as a potential growth opportunity.

Especially with the emergence of tech giant.

They are looking at that as a potential opportunity.

If you look at this, it is a little bit of a feather in their cap.

Hp still has a much larger business.

Dell is growing faster.

When does the server actually become the next pc?

We are talking about low-cost and how long before the local chinese competitor comes up and makes it as low-cost to replicate replicate as the pc is today.

Talking about servers specifically, what is the opportunity right now?

You look at the market share in asia.

Servers in asia make up a small percent into the $51 billion market.

North america is about double the size of asia-pacific.

The growth rate is phenomenal.

It is a lie year for 2%.: if they can get a foothold it would not be and -- if they could get another foot or a foothold it would be a win for dell.

We could see competition testify.

Christina is in new york.

This is the third trip to china this year.

In the wake of edward snowden's own weeks about the government surveillance program, companies have been pushing to reveal more about the data requests they receive.

If is doing just that.

They got 11,000 or 12,000 requests over the first half of this year.

They said they did provide some data for 79% of those requests.

How does facebook decide when to get data to governments?

I want to bring in jordan roberts than the cover cybersecurity.

Facebook is saying the vast majority were about kidnappings and robberies.

What does this tell us or not tell us.

Today facebook is releasing data.

A could have done this six months ago.

They could have done this two years ago.

This is nothing they could have disclosed earlier.

We still do not know anything about the scope.

They are prohibited from disclosing any information.

This is not really tell us much.

These are standard law enforcement request for robberies and murders and all the kinds of things that people would not have a problem with.

We still do not know anything about the scope.

I also want to ask you about this malware.

It is spreading via the video you can open on facebook.

It sounds like it is spreading really fast.

It is another reminder to watch what you click on facebook or twitter especially if you are prompted to download another piece of software like a video player.

A hacker gets into your account.

They have this feeling.

They will be prompted to open up a new piece of software.

Then it will be effective.

You cannot really stop it.

What you can do is be very careful about what you click on.

This information is coming out of researchers in italy.

They are providing some data about it.

They are saying 40,000 attacks are happening per hour.

Is that a lot?

It is.

Any time you start to approach a million users or those kinds of seven-figure numbers, you start to really talk about some serious personal information.

That is really what they are going after.

They're going after your facebook login and your friend networks.

They want access to your facebook account so they can spam your friends.

That is the whole point.

What is space for doing about it?

Facebook is pretty good at shutting of the scams down when they appear.

The big problem is a lot of these are based on user's own gullibility and clicking on links they should not.

Sometimes the tech companies have their hands tied a little bit.

Facebook is trying to stop a threat to but have to stop clicking.

Stop clicking on videos right now.

Jordan robertson, r cybersecurity reporter.

Thank you.

San francisco is under a state of emergency as a raging wildfire threatens the city's power and water supply.

We will bring you the latest on the rim fire next on "bloomberg west" ." ? this is the early edition of "bloomberg west"." we can also catch us at 3 p.m. pacific third firefighters in california are battling when of the biggest wildfires in the state history.

The rim fire has already burned 200,000 acres 10 days ago.

The blaze is only 20% contained.

Even though it near yosemite, is close enough to a major reservoir to her and both of san francisco's water and power supply.

Here is a look at the fire by the numbers.

Bonnie schneider is here with an update on the fire.

She is off third the -- also the author of "extreme weather." what can you tell us?

The weather conditions are a little bit better than they were a week ago.

We're seeing seeing dryer conditions.

There is the risk of a under storm and lightning will not be conducive to diminishing the spread of the fire's. the concern is the proximity to the reservoir where we have already had some impact on two of the powerhouses.

It two of them that were damaged were located 50 miles away from where the fire is.

The other one is a little bit closer.

$600,000 has already been put into areas of improving the power supply of the areas that have been damaged.

There is -- they are still evaluating the power structures.

There is one that has not been impacted.

The other the concern is the reservoir itself that contain so much water it helps to supply san francisco's water.

Any ash getting to the water and contaminating it.

I understand the fire has burned with an half a mile of this reservoir and some ash as already fallen on it.

It is not serious yet.

What happens if we get to the point where the water supply is contaminated?

In that case, the watcher would have to be going through some special filtration processes.

What we're looking at is the water as being filtered in a way.

We're seeing a lot of the pipe and that has been improved to 4.6 million dollars to improve the piping system of the water to allow it to flow or freely.

It kind of fascinating how it works miles away from the city.

It uses gravity as a force to pull the water in.

What they are trying to do now is get as much water as possible to more of the local reservoirs around the city to preserve it before any contamination can take place during the fires actually burning five hours driving distance from differences go.

I saw the smoke when i was in the mountains over the weekend.

You get a sense of how reliant we are on these outside reservoirs.

What can you tell us about the power supply in particular?

When you look at the two powerhouses that were impacted, you're talking about 110 megawatt of power.

That is about 69%. we are talking about a substantial amount.

San francisco has planned that if there is any power outages they would be able to use other sources of power so the city is unaffected.

That costs money.

As we continue to evaluate the damage, the number could possibly rise.


bonnie schneider, thank you so much for bringing us that update.

It is time now for "on the market here can." olivia sterns is in new york.

Lets the e caught up on the market stands.

Stocks are trading quite close to session lows.

The dow is down by about 140 points.

The nasdaq off by about 67 points.

The first is starbucks.

They are opening up shop in colombia next year.

Starbucks has been buying coffee from colombia for half a century.

This will be their first ever retail shop in the country.

The second stop is dsw.

They posted second-quarter earnings estimates.

More after the break.

? . .

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