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August 19 -- (Bloomberg) - Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman reports on Twitter hiring Jennifer Prince to director of entertainment sales as part of a effort to get Hollywood to see Twitter as a place to market TV shows and movies. (Source: Bloomberg)

They did a couple of others as well before today's announcement.

Streeteasy is their largest ever, so they are using the cash that they got from the ipo, they are using their stock to make their business bigger and grow their revenue base to secure a foothold in those markets.

How does this compare to what trulia and red fin are doing?

How does this differentiate zillow?

I think this is a land grab for them.

They have had an amazing growth, a triple digit revenue growth, but that has slowed down a bit for the company.

69% year over year growth basis.

User growth had really slowed down and these acquisitions helped to fuel that growth.

With the rich acceleration of user growth, that will be important for these guys to return a profit in the future.

Now to the growing influence of technology in hollywood.

Twitter has made a big higher, bringing on board the former head of the global media and entertainment sales, jennifer prince.

It is part of an effort to get hollywood a bigger presence on twitter.

With us today is our hollywood insider.

What does this new hire mean?

There are similarities to the early marketing story tied to facebook.

Advertisers were thinking about facebook and i knew they had to be part of that story.

Having a facebook presence.

When it came to committing advertising dollars, it was a longer road.

In the case of twitter, especially here in hollywood, we know that the tv and movie studios see a massive amount of value being associated through twitter.

It is a great way to build the buzz.

But the studios also have traditional advertising dollars that they have traditionally given to radio stations, billboard money to promote a particular movie coming up, or a tv show, or in newspapers.

That is a piece of advertising dollars that twitter is hungry to go after.

In the same way that pandora is trying to take advertising dollars away from radio, here is twitter's opportunity to take some of the hollywood money that goes to more traditional forms of media.

We know there is constant talk about twitter moving towards an ipo.

How does this fit into that part of the story, that push forward?

You could argue it plays into it.

If you think about companies that may or not -- may not be going public, but with a lot of hype.

Facebook is a good example.

The advertising side of the business was not fully formed.

Publicly, they had to work through a lot of that.

In the case of twitter, you could argue they are trying to get everything lined up as well as they can, but this is also about that stronger bond between the television world and the world of twitter.

By the way, if these advertisers are happy about these twitter- related ads, they will probably talk about it, and that creates some good p.r. the new steve jobs movie flops at the box office.

We will hear from apple co- founder steve was the act -- qozniakwozniak about some of the things that he felt the movie got wrong.

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