Twitter's Roadshow Comes to New York

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Oct. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Cristina Alesci reports on Twitter’s IPO roadshow and the approach it’s taking to attract investors. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Roadshow yesterday in philadelphia was pretty low-key.

How was new york today?

In philadelphia, they did one group meeting.

It was a small group of investors.

I did one-on-one meetings -- they did one-on-one meetings with large investors.

We could see a group meeting that is a little bit bigger.

There is a real difference between twitter and facebook.

With facebook, we saw them sneaking out of hotels.

They wanted to be around mark zuckerberg.

It is a little bit by choice because the twitter executives and the team is being really quiet with the details of what they are doing and where they are going.

It is also by default.

We have a much smaller audience, a much smaller offering, i should say, and a much smaller interest from investors.

It is a little bit of both factors working to make this a lot more tame than the facebook ipo.

What is the biggest question that investors have?

They will want to know what is the growth potential?

Then they will want to know about how much are you spending in r&d and how much is relative to revenue?

Look, in terms of investors, one of the things they will keep in mind, any big investor will want an allocation, what investors will do is take a look and figure out what the high point of the range is going to be on this deal and how long before the stock runs up that they sell it.

There has to be a natural ceiling for investors because they do not want to hold it if it gets too expensive.

Thank you.

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