Twitter's IPO Spurs Exchanges Listing Horse Race

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Sept. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Twitter, which announced plans last week for an initial public offering, is still deciding whether to list on the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq Stock Market, setting off a horse race for the high-profile deal. Julie Hyman reports on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

The finish will onto another battle, the battle of the exchanges for twitter.

The company is deciding on where it will list its shares and that means the nyse and the nasdaq are competing for this listing.

Getting this listing will be a big deal for the exchanges.

The nasdaq might be at a disadvantage after the facebook fiasco.

Nasdaq is trying to regain its status as the place for technology listings.

The nyse has gained ground.

It would solidify recent gains and has made.

The nasdaq had to pay $10 million to settle charges from the sec that it botched the facebook ipo.

At our next big thing summit yesterday, emily chang talk to the nyse vice president and he was still sort of cautious on who will get this ipo.

That will be one of the most visible transactions when it comes out.

We are competing for it so is not determined yet.

He said it is still up in the air.

The nasdaq says we hope we get it.

Twitter has not said when it will list.

It has not said how much it will raise.

Cutler was one of the gentlemen instrumental in getting the law passed that allowed the company of twitters size to not give as many details when it is filing for an ipo.

He did them a favor.

What do they usually do to attract them?

The nyse says they have the power of history and prestige.

The nasdaq says aside from this one small problem, we have been the place for technology companies to list.

If you look at some of the recent hot tech ipo plus, the nyse has gotten linkedin, pandora, oracle switched.

It will be a tough battle.

And a lot of money at stake.

Thank you so much.

Coming up, investors are trying to figure out what the fed will say at the end of the policy meeting tomorrow and we will talk to a top economist that used to work at the fed.

Also, warren buffett's grandson comes out with a oak about fighting world war hunger -- worldwide hunger and we will hear from him and hollywood only wishes it could come up with a hit like this.

The new version of " grand theft auto" is out today.

Get it while you can.

We are just getting started on this tuesday.


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