Twitter’s IPO Dress Rehearsal

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Oct. 18 (Bloomberg) – Bloomberg’s Julie Hyman reports on the New York Stock Exchange’s announcement to allow trading firms to test the Twitter IPO on Saturday, October 26. She speaks to Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Insurance exchange problem, the new york stock exchange is preparing for twitter's ipo.

This is the most anticipated tech ipo since facebook.

The new york stock exchange is trying to avoid the glitches that plague that the bp the julie hyman has been looking at how it is going to work.

What is the game plan here and how unprecedented is this?

The new york stock exchange has just announced today that next weekend on saturday, october 26 it is going to allow trading firms to run a test run of the twitter ipo to try to avoid some of the glitches that flag that ipo.

Trading firms will have the opportunity to do this sort of test run.

More details will begin out on monday and it is not clear who will participate or how it will work.

Clearly this is an effort to run interference on any of the potential problems we have seen in the past.

It did not admit or deny wrongdoing in the facebook ipo.

That is the template of what not to do.

There were widespread complaints about how they were done.

Is there any guarantee that if the practice section works well it will not happen on the day of the ipo?

Nasdaq has said in the past that he did run test prior to the ipo.

It is not clear if it will be different on the day of the ipo itself.

Obviously new york -- obviously nyc is attempting to avoid these issues.

You never know what is going to happen on the day of the ipo itself.

You wonder if that was part of their promise to twitter in terms of winning the ipo.

They said we are going to do a practice run, we can almost

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