Twitter’s Got Surprises up Their Sleeve: Lindzon

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Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Howard Lindzon, CEO at StockTwits, examines the technological and business differences between Twitter and Facebook. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

To be like facebook?

I hope not.

I think they are being creative, taking the timeline and leading journalists and kids create their own timeline, i think they have a lot of surprises up their sleeve.

You have a very creative platform with a ton of engineers and the huge salesforce.

I think they are going to come out many different directions.

Is a twitter engineer better than of -- different from a facebook engineer?

Or are they just writing codes that are interchangeable?

I think they are mostly interchangeable.

These are big teams of engineers, who in general have a mindset about what they can and cannot do.

They need to be led.

They have their little intricacies, just like any cfo or accounting person, but they generally like to be left alone, they like to solve their own problems.

Steve jobs used to demand from the top to make things done.

I do not know if that is how it is that it twitter, things seem to move slower there.

The product has not evolved as much as one might think.

These changes, is it to boost numbers?

Or endangerment?

Engagement is not the problem.

Seen how bounce rates work off stocks, we know that they can look at twitter and go -- we understand their problem.

They are broad, they are from entertainment to politics to sports.

Stocks are just stocks.

In the first appearance, some woman or man just coming into twitter, it is overwhelming, but stocks you know what you are getting, you talk about stocks.

How do they make it appeal to that worsen the first time.

Once they get you, it is addictive.

It is, but how can they change the format or interface to make it easier to sell advertising?

Facebook got credit for redesigning their newsfeed and putting the ads in there.

People see those.

Twitter can try to own the natives.

They bought a company called mopub, we are not sure where they will do, but in my world they would come over to stock twits and say that they have the same problem as us, a stream all day with people talking, we will help to deliver the relevant ads.

And then we look around and say -- that looks like a good idea.

That could be there adsense.

We have got a lot to talk about.

Howard meeting -- managing the immediacy of twitter.

Saying that he is buying bonds, that he believes in the slower economy and he is moving for equities.

Getting short.

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