Twitter’s Costolo Follows His Plan to IPO: Hayzlett

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Oct. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Jeffrey Hayzlett offers an inside look at Twitter CEO Dick Costolo ahead of the company’s IPO and previews his new show “C-Suite With Jeffrey Hayzlett,” premiering tonight at 9:30pm ET/PT. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Rollout of boring ipo.

He is doing it right.

That is the way he is operated.

It is interesting even his personality.

He is really a smart alec.

His first tweet when he stepped on board said, now i'm the ceo, tomorrow, world domination.

He is that kind of individual.

Your show, you didn't enter look at what executives do, what is behind twitters mahogany doors?

What is the story you perceive we need to know?

They have their own agenda they're following to a tee.

He is not deviating when they ask them a lot of public questions.

I tried to get them to come out last night.

He said, i'm not coming.

Is a bezos-like?

It is more-like.

He has his own way of doing it.

He just doesn't deviate one iota.

He doesn't care what questions you ask.

He only has a 1.6% stake in the company, which is not the biggest in terms of the early founders.

The big personality -- a big personality.

He is feisty.

He got into a twitter war, if you will, with a fellow at stanford rock center for cover -- governance.

He was criticizing twitter for really having this non-diverse board, all white men, basically, except for the general counsel.

Dick costolo tweeted back and said, he is the character top of academic sources.

He did not pull any punches.

It is early in the cycle.

Right now their goal is just to get the thing out.

Maybe, but to look differently than the other big silicon valley companies.

He is even saying, ignore some of the comments or criticisms he gets, which i find interesting because the fact twitter is all about the fact you actually make comments and you do provide criticism and encouragement.

It he says, ignore that others -- as a leader, do what you think is right.

We talked about the one point whatever stake is he has, the founders of the company stepped away and let him run it.

That says something.

He is been there for quite a bit . he is in marching up from ceo.

They have a lot of confidence in him.

They will give him stock options along the way.

He will do very well.

And his vision for twitter once they go public?

His strategy has been to invest heavily in television.

He says twitter is a social soundtrack for tv.

They want to be three for tv.

He the second screen -- be the second screen.

I thought the plan was to go to 160 characters.

Are they?

They have a great service that really does tie into cbs, mtv, others have grasped onto this.

Even my own show, which is launching tonight -- there you go.

These are the kind of conversations were looking forward from you, jeffrey hayzlett.

"c-suite" premieres tonight.

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