Twitter Roadshow Kicks Off, Apple Earnings

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Oct. 28 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Agenda," Michael McKee, Tom Keene and Scarlet Fu look at trending news stories on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Look at the stories shaping the day.

That's an interesting meeting in washington.

Secretary of state, treasury, commerce hosting foreign investors.

Foreign direct investment in the u.s. has fallen way off, 28% in the past year.

Seeing a decline.

Bonds being bought by foreigners and equities being bought.

Foreign investment melts away.

We lose in the united states.

There is a group politically who does not agree with what you just said.

You want the money.

The money is disappearing in part because the financial crisis has gone away and have less need for the safe haven kind of trade.

Also in part because trusting the united states as a graphic -- great investment after everything we have been through.

I know the president has spoken about the declines we have seen.

Foreign investments match them up with state localities and try to get something going.

I am not sure that is the way you do it.

Might want to improve the educational system, infrastructure him of those things first.

We will see.

L twitter on my agenda kicking off the 10-day cross- country road show to pitch to institutional investors like infidelity and black rock.

-- like fidelity and blackrock.

They gave a video presentation late last week.

They met projections talking about adjusted ebit off to signal profitability.

-- ebida.

I would go back to topline analysis.

A terrific paragraph this morning of the nine valuation.

Linkedin further than that.

They are above facebook.

Twitter has priced itself very carefully.

What i am skeptical of is it will be any type of disaster.

Normal sized ipo.

They will be able to handle this, i think.

Maybe a little overhyped because of the facebook is faster.

Everyone is tiptoeing around facebook.

Look where facebook is that now.

Not clumsy will be the importance of apple earnings.

You wonder if it would be a dow stock.

My morning agenda is apple earnings.

All that that means for the market.

In all the news we have forgotten how apple has rebounded from 400 up to 500 something.

Maybe people look at the gross margins.

I will look at unit usage.


Monetizing the user base.

What will apple do with the itunes store?

They will monetize this user base.

Your perspective on apple?

I think it is a great company.

I think if they are able to crack china, it will bring the stock price even higher.

What happens when you decide to go down scale?

The pressure is we want apple to be like samsung.

Usually does not work out, does it?

You can have two different classes.

This is what luxury retailers are doing all the time.


We would like you get back for a holiday course correction.

Lexmark pleasure.

Gilbert harrison, thank you so much.

In the meantime, going off to radio.

In the loop with betty liu continues.

We do have economic data out this morning, including industrial reduction.

That is coming up.

A busy week with the fomc

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