Twitter or Facebook: Can You Tell the Difference?

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April 8 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “The Roundup,” Trish Regan, Olivia Sterns, Alix Steel and Matt Miller wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

After a report showing streams of instant video tripled year-over-year.

Surpassed apple and hulu in streaming.

They infringed on two patents cover your rear at the close of and we have enough day -- have an update.


More than doubled what we saw on the s&p. google up, facebook, some of these beaten-down names really turning things around for the nasdaq.

Just barely eat out again.

We want to get some additional context for today's move.

Olivia sterns joining us with more.

Was also among those him and him names that we mentioned.

Hard to really call it a risk on or risk off day.

I'm looking at the sectors, utilities outperforming, and then consumer discretionary.

The focus is earnings come out, coming out after the bell today.

It is interesting because you look at what analyst seven forecast think of an package and are they said we would see overall profit increases about 6.6% s&p 500 companies.

By the data survey they are expected only one percent.

Everyone is downgrading their forecast for the first quarter and that will rattle markets.

We will be watching board.

These are the roundup stories we're talking about.

Matt is kicking off, we are talking about your favorite company.

I have somebody favorites that i hate to just take one, but tesla, astounded me it is now offering those buttocks for lease -- rod ask for products for lease.

Now they going to have a real leasing program.

This will allow customers to more easily calculate cost into the future.

What was the other retail leasing price?

There was no leasing program.

With the u.s. bank or wells fargo cover that was actually a financing program that was designed to look like a lease.

A guarantee that you could sell the car back for a certain value . now we're getting a release -- a real lease.

Real today -- retail customers still have to go through the old systems, so you're not getting a lease.

What is -- it is for business customers.

There are slowly phasing in and.

Many companies have luxury fleet government is a $71,000 car, but it was going to be a customer for this?

That is what green luxury car fleet?

If bloomberg leases me a for ra -- a for ari a for ari.

-- if bloomberg leases me a for s me a ferrari -- investment fund focused on media and entertainment and found that orders of the equity firm in china will buy the shares for about $80 million.

The addition of the local chinese investors in the id years to help imax continuing spending expanding into the world left it -- second largest film market and tried address that local market.

I was tried to do a lot of research on sequels.

China is imperative, asia is imperative for these movies, now you're seeing studios film specifically overseas.

In order to attract the local audiences, like transformers four, totally overseas.

Pacific rim was big overseas because it was filmed there.

The idea is that not only is it a huge market but they're making all of these financial steps in order to do it.

Quicken is pretty cool.

Did you see the numbers on cap in america?

The two directors are brothers, their actual brothers.

The point is that it will do better than captain america.

Twitter has been rolling out a redesign of the website to its users cap and it includes a larger profile photo and you can pin one of your tweets on the top of your page.

The new design will be rolled out to all users in the coming week.

It looks exactly like facebook.

Apparently i already had it before anybody else.

You want to see what it looks like, follow me.

There is a really interesting commentary on it, saying that where facebook is where the mom is that facebook is like a special circle of hell where your friends are getting married all the time, so why do you want to look like the has been when twitter is the next in line?

The redesign is on the photos, so i will see a constant dream of bachelorettes.

I would not mind if they were bachelorettes parties.

When everyone is getting married about my facebook feed is just babies -- speaking of babies and moms, their rivers a historical trend.

They're increasingly staying home.

The share mothers who do not work outside the home actually rose 29% in 2012. up from in a modern era low of 23% in 1999. this is according to a report released today by the research center.

The recession getting some others out of the workforce as they struggle to get jobs.

Others found a more advantageous to stay home after learning the cost of childcare against wages.

Women who are staying at home they want to find a job.

We're finding out why the labor force -- the numbers show that one third of these women are below the poverty line.

They're looking for a job.

Part of the problem -- below the poverty and line and looking for a job or just below the poverty line?

The cost of childcare is so significant that it basically negates going to work.


So it is a choice.

They are either staying home on purpose rather than i wish i could find a job.

There was an op ed by mark . debunking the women only make $.70 on the dollar for men.

He was just on the show.

We talked about it yesterday.

A couple of weeks ago you also had him on here and it is not for the same job.

If it is for the same job about men tend work more than what he hours, and women look for more fixable jobs, so it is not an apples to apples basis.

Which would you actually see if there is at about three percent gap.

That is still not good but it is not the $.77 on the dollar that the ministrations is putting out what is a very politically charged issue as well.

They pointed out that single women who have never.

Our 96 -- when mary married our 96 instruments earnings -- single women who have never married are actually $.96 on the dollar for man's earnings.

[laughter] i'm going to talk about mice, because they're not to be people away from the road that.

This is a cerarazy story.

They were shut down because of a mice infestation.

The big ruse allowed to reopen after it posted full reconstruction and re-cementing.

When they reopen they had to do something kind of kitschy and so they had a one-day only krone called rocky.

They are fighting to the end.

They should've called it ratatouille.

They want people to come by it.

Do you give a bakery a second chance on sanitation?

I don't. here in new york city, if you go to the health website for new york cupping can actually see the grades, a, b, c, and you can see all of the past infractions that a restaurant has had.

This website has been just devastating for me.

Now i look up every single restaurant, and i look through all the past infractions.

You can't eat anywhere.

It is a disaster.

They had a very bad infection recently.

I read that they find the guy digging a cup of coffee over the counter.

Ever in a restaurant for 10 years, you'll find stuff if you look for it.

You will find stuff.

It is new york.

Thank you very much.

What does it take to convert commercial real estate into dream residential?

New details on the changing face of manhattan's downtown.

La quinta is expected to price its ipo.

We will tell you what will happen when it takes it public.

? anaconda cups are an iconic a breeze side address -- i manhattan address -- 140 west located in tribeca, it was purchased for $274 million by the founder and president of magnum real estate group.

That is being converted into residential property which rigorously served as headquarters for rise in -- for verizon.

He joins the on set, great to have you both here.

Let's talk about this.

Why convert from commercial to residential?

Is it really that hot a market right now?

The building happens to convert you to flee from commercial to residential.

We're focused primarily on delivering larger shares of apartments, something for families and the demands downtowns which seems to be primarily families and empty-nesters.

A lot of families down in the tribeca area.

When will this building be opening up?

We like to been -- we are expected to begin sales in september of this year.

Xd of any idea which will be charging per square-foot?

Quickly expect to enter the market at a price point driven market pricing.

Something that is more portable to people who are living in tribeca right now.

We are not really trying to be the $157 million of downtown.

Hours that are building something that can never be built again.

$2 million per bedroom ? probably.

You will go up to three bedrooms?

Some thick bedrooms even.

-- six bedrooms even.

You've been watching this trend in the downtown area of manhattan your been watching rentals real estate rises in manhattan just skyrocketing up 30% last quarter.

What is going on echoplex or is a lot of demand for residential apartments.

There is also a waste for commercial real estate in the midtown area as well.

It is just a great market in new york city, and we are very opportunistic with these properties that we have a 140 west is working -- but you're getting out.

42% of the building they'll aren't. or did you present.

So this is physically a joint venture or you are helping to develop the and the residential.

We own the building together.

The development is all within and we'll take a risk on that.

What other development.

I? -- development have you done?

We've done townhome, can immediately get a large development until they called the east immediate -- condominiums.

Rootedness and cannot.

There was a thinking -- greenwich and canal street.

There was a thinking for many years, has started to jane?

I would say yes.

It has changed.

Buying makes a lot of sense for younger people.

For people in general.

Rates are low historically.

What happens on the vertical back of your work -- when those rights go back out.


i think we're stable in the new york market.

They're still moving up.

Maybe not as quickly, but they will continue to move.

Words of lovely commercial real estate?

Commercial real estate has actually come back from 2008. it's actually surpassing word was full for -- where it was before.

Technology has replaced a lot of workers as we have seen.

And we continue debate and free time we see the jobs report each month.

There is a change in the mix.

New york was properly financial services sector, now we see is more of a balance between the financial services and the technology companies.

Verizon gevo we still of our presence in new york city, and we have been here for a long time.

It is a transformation of real estate, just trading -- changing who happens to be in there.

Is an attack in the commercial side and your thing many more families choosing to live in the city.

Thank you very much.

So great to have you here.

Coming up next.

The hotel chains la quinta is being taken public by.

Covenant blackstone -- hair and company blackstone.

-- their parent company blackstone.

? from new york city, you are watching bloomberg television.

Blackstone hotel chains la quinta is expected to price its ipo tonight.

Filed 37 million shares from $231 a piece.

It would give the hotel chain a value of $.5 billion.

Leslie, this is the third lodging company that blackstone out and took public just in the last six months.

I'm spotting a trend.

What is going on, and what is it hoping that helping -- helping?

Within the span of six months it took an extended stay public, they took hilton, both shares are up, so now they are looking to take la quinta public.

Does that make some people nervous at all when you start to see that many ipos in that specific a space all within the span of six months?

It can, but what they've looked at was doing a sale, which were reported a couple of months ago, and decided to do an ipo because they decided they could get a valor that higher valuation that went -- they could get a higher valuation that way.

They said we're taking this thing public, and here it is.

The company was driving a sales process as well.

What happened with that?

Within not able to find a buyer?

They thought they could get a higher valuation in the public market.

With the rising stock prices, with the rise of lodging prices especially, they looked at that and said we could get a higher valuation.

Doing some compilations, is true that they will get a higher valuation.

They would treat and about 58 times earnings.

That is higher than hilton, and extended stay.

Looking at a premium for this company.

Let's talk a little bit about what is going on the ipo market.

Like street is also busy -- next week is also busy.

What is coming out?

Mobile is on tap, they will make $3 million on this.

We will see his large.

We will see how he is done in terms of convincing investors that this boutique investment banking model is here to stay.

We also have on tap the parent of travelocity.

Our travel segments are not going to end anytime soon.

When you look at the pace of ipos right now, it is actually pretty dramatic.

We are at a level that we do not see all of last -- by next week we should surpass in volume what we had in an entire year of 2013. is this an example of sort of the market catching up to the 30%? our company saying that i have to get out now?

They say the window is opened it and it is wide open right now.

The reason your things into big push for deals now is just a calendar issue.

Companies want to get out before easter, so that they can do it refer everybody goes on holiday.

We have seen in incredible amount of activity, that was partially a byproduct of how well the deals performed last year.

Fisher, we're seeing that any backlog of companies that don't go out for waterbury's and go out now that they fire their annual reports.

The window is open.

You mentioned sabr is also coming out.

When you look at the travel space, would we look at the hotel space, there's going to be three this year in just the last six months, does this suggest that we're in the midst of a real academic recovery?

-- economic recovery?

They're looking for that frugal travel that will be able to capitalize on that savings they have been holding onto.

Thank you.

Adam is known for causing a stir on the radio.

Now in patent wars.


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