Twitter Loss Widens, Yahoo Forecast Falls Short

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Oct. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Scarlet Fu reports on today's top tech headlines on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Eurasian group, ian bremmer.

That is tomorrow, on "bloomberg surveillance." michael mckee is in this morning for sara eisen our guest host is richard haas, our guest -- president on the council of foreign relations.

We start with a jump in expenses leading to a wider loss at twitter, losing $64 million last quarter.

This is according to regulatory filings, they spent more on research and development in that time.

One positive in the filing was that their revenue more than doubled and they said that they would list shares on the new york stock exchange when they became public.

It could happen as early as next month.

Amazon is talking about developing phones with htc, targeting people who use the prime service, helping them increase the number of devices that can access their video service.

No final decision has yet to be reached.

The fourth-quarter sales forecast at yahoo!

Fell short of estimates, short for the.

, that was the average analyst estimate.

The shortfall comes as yahoo!

Loses market share and advertising dollars to google and facebook.

Time for the agenda where we

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