Twitter Lifts Veil of Secrecy on IPO Plans

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Oct. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Eileen Burbidge, partner at Passion Capital, explains why she would purchase Twitter shares, due to its ability to make money from mobile and examines the company’s potential for global growth. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Would you by groupon at the stade?

Face book has actually done well.

I'm not sure if i would by now.

I am more bullish on twitter.

I think it is doing a better job of monetizing and the other businesses.

I think group on is a completely different business.

We have to put that to the side.

When you think social media you're thinking engagement and advertising revenue.

I think twitter has more potential.

Although facebook's reach is much much stronger.

Twitter is a mobile company.

Facebook wasn't. it gives twitter a slight advantage.

But it does make you wonder whether growth is going to continue accelerating as quickly as it has done.

Facebook has under said expectations.

Twitter's got mobile figured out, so what is going to be up its sleeve?

It is going to be hard to see.

When you look at the business, though, it is an profitable at this stage.

Does it matter?

I think, irrationally, but consistent with the markets it doesn't seem to matter.

I think again this might be another case of setting the bar low and if they're able to show profitability in subsequent quarters and you will see the stock to start moving.

It is a company that has global reach.

Yet it's at base is not global at all.

For the potential, more of its users are outside the united states, but almost the majority of its advertising are still on u.s. users.

It has a lot of work to do to start monetizing users outside of the u.s.. it is a great base to start from.

What are the things that are going to keep profitability in check will be the fact that they have a staff that they need to pay and retain.

How much of an advantage will being public give it in that space?

I think there are a couple of factors to consider.

One thing it emphasizes in the s-one paperwork is open communication and being the soundtrack of the world, whether it is related to politics, sporting and other news.

Employees really like that message and like being a part of that.

The president of iran is treating with jack dorsey.

You're part of something if you're working at twitter.

Secondly, the company is not shy to acquire talent.

It has acquired 31 company so far and the seven years it has been around.

Raising this month cast -- raising this much cash means it will continue.

I think there are a couple of reasons.

One it is really good market to be in.

The market is good.

If it wasn't for the government shutdowns and maybe it would be perfect.

It is a really good time to do it trade growth is stunning.

Its revenue growth over yesterday's great.

It is a strong time to go.

It does get a lot of cash back to early investors.

It has raised over $1 billion.

It has money coming in.

Those people are going to be able to cash out.

Some of the early employees get the same thing.

Obviously, the management team does.

It is a nice rejuvenating effect and it is a good time in the macro climate to do this area.

Crexendo see a few years ago and to be about software and mobile.

Is that the shift we are seeing?

Are talking about some some later on.

I actually see it as more synergistic.

I don't think it is quite that line area.

You talk about apple being a hardware business.


On the other hand, people like mobile.

The iphone is nothing without the app store.

Software was actually the charging horse.

-- was actually the trojan horse.

I don't think it is necessarily shifting or it is one of the other.

I think they're becoming more integrated than ever.

Twitter without mobile devices would be nothing just as apple without apps wouldn't be much.

Eileen, we will back a little bit later.

Coming up as well we're getting the views from the trading floor.

We were speaking from the trading floor ofciti.

We will be speaking to a managing director next that says that we

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