Twitter Lets Users Create Custom Timelines

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Nov. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Twitter is letting users create customized news feeds around real-time events as the microblogging service aims to boost engagement on the site. Sarah Frier has more on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Maybe a big one.

Could be a big one.

Twitter has been spending big on r&d. more than half their revenue on r&d in the third quarter and they are really ramping it up.

They are bidding on new product development to bring in and engage more users and recruit advertisers to the platform.

So this is one of their major moves.

It will of course be useful for everyone from tv channels trying to do live events to news organizations trying to cover them.

Would you be able to see multiple timelines in a single page?

Twitter owns tweetdeck where this is going to live.

It is sort of a way people organize their tweets.

They can put them into certain allegories.

-- searching categories.

People curate a special timeline for a particular event and then he can go ahead and embed that on a website, put it where they want, and it will be a stream of what is most important for that topic.

This is interesting to me not just as a user, i am more of a hoot suite guy, but it does occur to me, if you have multiple timelines on a page, you have multiple revenue streams.

And the company could suddenly see an acceleration in revenue growth.

Yes, it is definitely the kind of thing you see a lot of networks trying to do with live tv.

They are trying to promote twitter as a place to go to tweet about.

"breaking bad," what have you.

This is a way for twitter to cement itself as a real-time platform.

Twitter is where things are happening now.

Facebook is a place where things happened a few days ago and people are talking about them.

Twitter is trying to capitalize on that.

Imagine if a network had you watching free broadcast of the

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