Twitter Is Strong, but Stock Is Crazy: Kirkpatrick

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Feb. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor David Kirkpatrick and Robert Burke, chairman & CEO at Robert Burke Associates, examine Twitter’s first quarterly results and its role in the fashion industry on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


Analysts not surprised.

The stock is simply overpriced.

Do you agree?

It is growing nicely.

It is investing what it got in the ipo to improve the product, simplify the product, but the stock got way ahead of its us -- way ahead of itself.

It has a higher valuation in terms of multiples, to the point that is ins it is insane in my opinion.

The stock is crazy.

Do you in your book talking about the arrogance, and i mean that in a constructive way, facebook.

It seemed for me to be a very humble management yesterday on the conference call.

Is this a twitter with a starkly different call then facebook?

You do not think facebook is humble?

Zuckerberg is relentlessly focused on the long-term, so he maybe gets cocky seeming sometimes.

The end of the call talking about he needs to talk to his mother more.

I think they are focusing on simplifying the user experience and is really smart.

And analyst says that twitter faces the identity crisis.

He told bloomberg news that twitter needs to answer the question about whether it can ever become a mass-market product or whether it is for destined to be a niche for news junkies.

That is a serious question they have to answer.

I do not agree.

I think it is mainstream.

I think it is way too hard to use for the average user.

The question is, why do i need to use twitter?

Have your mother try to use it.

They are like what, @/ ? i think they can get rid of some of the icons.

I just flat out disagree.

Where you see this and where the potential growth is is in fashion.

Robert burke with us.

You see what berg very did.

-- burberry did.

Where will fashion be five years from now with twitter?

It is the distribution platform, isn't it?

I fashion it as embracing social media and connecting to the customer.

When you talk about fashion week, it was an industry event, but now it is a consumer even.

A runway show in london in a week, and sx series -- accessories you can buy directly online.

Social media so instantaneous yet fashion week highlights fashions we will see nine months from now.

There are businesses that have been created, a website where you can go on and order a day after the short he -- the show.

You pre-order and get the merchandise.

Is social media still in the same rhythm?

Now they are trying to fulfill product that you can get immediately.

The customer is not content waiting six months.

Here is the future.

This company makes bags.

Is that a hint?

They are on instagram, moving robert burke's world.

Where will this be in five years?

I think the pace of business is accelerating generally.

Fashion has always been for the long-term view.

They announce something now and start selling an eight or nine months.

I have to believe that will change over time.

They are looking at categories, too.

If you look at handbags and accessories.

You can customize a trench bag -- trenchcoat right after the fashion show.

Certainly having an impact.

Instagram has taken over in an enormous way because it is so visually driven.

I was going to say, it is beautiful pictures.

Who does not love that?

Men and women.

Pinterest also.

It is big in this arena.

David and robert, stay with us.

Company news.

Credit suisse legal costs taking a big bite out of the bottom line.

Missing profits after setting aside 570 million in legal provisions.

They are facing litigation related to mortgage securities and faces an investigation into whether it helps american clients evade taxes.

A shocker from sony.

Forecasting a one billion dollar annual loss.

Three months ago predicting a profit.

Sony says sales of mobile profits have been weak and sales from communication unit will be below jobs -- will be below estimates.

5000 jobs will be happening in

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