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Sept. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Jon Elvekrog, co-founder & CEO at 140 Proof, explains how to use Twitter as a tool for mobile advertising and why the social network has an advantage over its competitors in mobile ads. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Twitter is an ad company.

How do you work with twitter to make it an advertising company?

We work with twitter from an ad platform perspective, both purchasing ads on the platform and also running our own social ads across the open social web.

Twitter recently bought a mobile ad company last week.

Have you been in talks with twitter to potentially acquired your company, which is an advertising company?

We have not.

Did i do think that acquisition was very clever and a smart move on their part to expand not only there on twitter -- property advertising in mobile and also expand beyond the twitter property.

A really smart move ahead of the ipl.

When we talk about the future of advertising, mobile and video standout.

How quickly has twitter been moving towards these two new technologies?

I think pretty rapidly.

From a mobile perspective, twitter started as a mobile company.

The 140 character limit was there, so it makes sense there farther ahead.

From a video angle, the pure platform of sharing and social media involves photos and videos and updates and news reports.

I think it is a really well- matched what form.

Do twitter ads work more effectively than facebook ads?

I do not have exact details on that.

I think they both work really well.

You work with big fortune 500 companies that place advertisements on both.

We do, and we run our own advertisements on the 140 proof network.

For what -- with twitter, there is a targeting advantage.

It allows us to match ads better . so the idea is who you are following and things you favor and like gives an advertiser or brand a lot of information about what content you would like to see.

As we look to the evolution of twitter from private companies to public companies, how has your working relationship with twitter changed the most, and would you anticipate going forward?

I think they have certainly grown up from a start of seven years ago that was a few people in south park, right where we are, to a several thousand person organization with a lot snappier execution.

I think they really developed and grew a lot.

They have done a lot of things on the monetization front.

They have stayed true to their very simple mission of being a news team to the world.

Going forward, post-ipo, they will be a larger part of society going forward.

As a public company, they will have a little bit more security and substantial weight behind them for brand partners to work with them.

A positive move for all.

Daily able -- valuable respective.

Cofounder and ceo of 140 proof.

You can catch the latest news on twitter and all the tech and media headlines everyday at 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern time on "bloomberg west." still ahead, american auto sales are on a tear, but can it reach record levels?

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