Twitter Is a Remarkable Resurgence Story: Kedrosky

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Oct. 3 (Bloomberg) -- GigaOm's Om Malik and Bloomberg Contributing Editor Paul Kedrosky discuss the management and success of Twitter. They speak with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

And turns, no small amount of drama.

Evan was ceo for a while, and he got kicked out, jack came in, he got kicked out.

Talk to me about how this all came to be.

Before we talk about that, big shout out to noah, who's not there.

In today's world -- why did he get written out of the story?

I will leave that to nick.

These days, history is written by the people who have the most amount of equity in the company.

This has been an interesting company, a company of people and very passionate people.

This is a company that did not have a script like most traditional startups.

Evan williams, this started as a rodeo -- odeo and it was not working.

Twitter is a perfect example of nobody knows what's going to be ahead.

A lot of people like to pretend they know what the next big thing is going to be, but they don't. no one believed this could be a good company.

I was very skeptical of it from day one.

And here we are, seven years later, this is a company which has changed how we consume information, how we do things.

A lot of it has to do with its very nature.

People have changed with time.

It's very dynamic.

All these guys are interesting guys.

They have their interpersonal interactions.

I think they have equally contributed to the success of this company.

The guy who pushed that metaphor for it being the news network of the 21st century, jack was the guy who talked about very short messages and why they were important and communications.

And the guy who pushed the company to think about doing this messaging on the web.

Each one of them has had a vital role.

Their own interpersonal relations, i will leave it to them to discuss.

Jack remains executive chairman.

Costolo has been the chairman for several years.

Williams is still on the board.

Management has changed significantly.

You were a twitter stakeholder.

Footer bought one of your companies.

How confident are you in the management of twitter now?

I better throw in my smartphone so that costolo does not start texting may.

[laughter] -- me.

[laughter] there's incredible political turmoil that has turned into one of the most professional management teams in silicon valley that executed since 2010. not just because of settling what happened with respect to this turmoil with the founders, but because they really settled on a strategy and executed on it.

That's a pretty remarkable story.

Whether they can continue to do that in the glare of being a public company is a different story.

The story can hardly be more different than what we saw at facebook.

The consolidation on strategy, the execution on it and bringing together of a strong team.

Twitter can go public as soon as three weeks from today.

It is more likely to be five weeks.

We expect a roadshow.

It is likely to be two weeks long.

Om malik, john, and corey, we're

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