Twitter IPO Hype Typical Wall Street Pattern: Cohan

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Nov. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor David Kirkpatrick and Bloomberg View columnist William Cohan discuss the hype behind the Twitter IPO and the boost to the IPO pricing, which makes it more expensive than Facebook. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

. i think it is maybe a little overdone hammock considering the actual potential of the company, which does not really have a business yet where i can say here is what twitter's business is.

What does it say about the world?

We have a responsible midwestern ipo, goldman sachs plays by the book, and we are still where we were with facebook?

It is amazing.

Look at the container store.

People did not talk about that.

People love to talk about twitter.

-- people do not talk about that.

It is still not a profitable company.

That is an interesting switch year.

Amazon is not profitable either.

This is a big change that a non-profitable company is going public.

I think twitter has potential to become a giant company.

This is the typical wall street pattern i am afraid to say so early in the morning.

Wall street loves to hype a stock.

Two years ago it was facebook.

This year it is twitter.

Eventually facebook did trade up through the ipo price, but a lot of traders got burned through the way.

Same thing will happen again.

I do not know why people do not learn to be more cautious.

Oh stop.

The stock exchange will not screw up one day.

That was a huge problem for facebook.

I am not sure i agree.

Forgetting that technical failure of facebook, this is the pattern of supply and demand on wall street ipo.

Is is important.

Yesterday it across the bloomberg and the headlines go buy all day, one single headline that caught my attention, i believe suntrust will hire 60 investment bankers.

This is the cyclical nature of our business.

First you have twitter and all the others.

This is signaled that wall street is normal and nothing has changed from 1990 nine or 2005 the?

I was thinking about that along the way over this morning.

-- does it signal nothing has changed from 1999 and 2005? there are fewer players on wall street.

Other years.

That is why you get a situation where twitter is about to be an overhyped ipo in my opinion.

This is not about wall street.

This is about silicon valley.

It is about wall street.

Twitter is not overhyping it self.

To some degree, it is.

You cannot turn around and not see another article about jack dorsey.

This is how the market works.

Don't you blame the media?

Everyone in the media uses facebook and twitter.

They are hyping it and away they are not hyping the container store to david's point.

Here we are focused on this and hyping.

It does legitimately embolize the era we live in.

The media uses it.

A lot to talk about all through bloomberg "surveillance." we will look at the frenzy of twitter.

Tuesday election day.

Company news.

Bmw posted a third-quarter profit drop.

2.6 billion dollars.

Revenue declined slightly.

They were hit by start up cost for the battery-powered model and hybrid sports cars.

Both vehicles are part of an effort to have a line of ego-

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