Twitter IPO Falls Between Zynga, Facebook: Thompson

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Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Nick Thompson discusses Twitter’s sources of revenue and how it can become a profitable company as it moves closer to its IPO. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

From advertising.

How desirable is twitter?

Twitter only started making money off its business a couple of years ago.

The first two years is very much about getting the product right and the users, now it is about making the money.

Some advertisers are starting to come in.

There is another level they are not exploiting i would have thought.

They're only making $47 million from their data.

They liken it to hollywood, -- maybe that is where they're going to grow?

I thought it was a jumble over the weekend.

There is nothing at twitter seals, at the times, is anyone nipping at their heels?

I as a twitter user don't observe that.

I see less facebook, interest, etc.

Based on social networks, not really.

If you look at competition as where do we spend our time on social networks, absolutely.

They compete with facebook and google plus and pinterest.

And in this space, companies rise and fall very quickly.

In this competition with facebook, it seems like tough competition with facebook more than one billion people and twitter with 218 million, why would they choose twitter over facebook?

Do you spend time on twitter and not on facebook?

Well, i do.

Twitter is chronological.

Everything just pops up.

Facebook uses an algorithm to determine what is relevant.

It is mostly pictures of children.


Without fail, i see fewer people using facebook.

I see more people using twitter.

Within the mumbo-jumbo now, is this thing going to go large by potbelly?

Is it going to pull a potbelly?

Is there a fever for this, or as some say, boring midwestern deal?

I think it is between those two.

It will not be zynga where it comes out and falls flat, but it also isn't going to be like facebook where it dominates the internet.

Michael holland is with us, long-term investor.

Some people call it boring, but is that good?

Do you want to do that is a company?

They don't want to pull a facebook.

There is a piece of interesting news within all of this boring stuff, tom's point earlier about potbelly, bad work by the bankers.

Goldman is not going to do bad by this one.

Have a boring document.

They're things like potbelly in front of them.

They have amazon, which doesn't ache a lot of money, which has continued at its all-time high right now.

They have a lot of wind at their back.


They prices in a way where they can make money for a company that doesn't make any money.

I say this with respect for all of your years -- watch out.

Do you have pressure from your clients, your customers, your shareholders are the people that invest with you, do you need to own twitter just so they see it?

Absolutely not.

Just the opposite.

They would be shocked if i owned twitter.

It doesn't make any money.

It doesn't have any prospect of making money.

I don't own amazon.

I do own google and apple.

Sexy, and tech firms, and then you have to own it.

Unfortunately, yes.

Have investors figured out how the social media companies in general make any?

I think they are now that facebook is making money.

The prospects of twitter are far better because of facebook.

When group on went out and facebook, there was all of this baloney -- really.

But then the company's bumbled their ipos.

Twitter has come up with a straight one.

I think it will make people trust them a little more.

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