Twitter Has Leaped a Bit Ahead of Facebook: Wolff

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Oct. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Max Wolff, chief economist and strategist at ZT Wealth, discusses Twitter's S-1 filing with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Pay off.

I want to bring in the chief economist of ct wealth.

He has been following twitter very closely.

$480 million.

That is the deficit that twitter has accumulated up until this point.

What do you make of that?

I do not think it is a super shocking story.

The big challenge here and the big story is, how well do they become dominant players in the second screen game?

That looks a very good news.

How long can they keep their dominance as a basically native mode -- mobile application in the social world which they can do?

Even though the loss was a little larger, they were than the ballpark.

It still is an exciting story.

I think the bigger pause was the growth was a little bit below where we thought it would be.

Let's talk about user growth.

User growth is slowing down.

Does that worry you?

It does.

The real challenges monetization, especially outside the united states.

They do 70% of their engagements outside of the united states.

They should be getting about 70% of the revenue from the united states.

We think it is a mobile-first story.

We think it is a growth story on the revenue side.

The revenue per user is pretty strong.

If user growth is slowing down, and at this point, they have 218 million monthly active users, facebook has more than one billion users -- i mean, do these numbers tell you that twitter can or cannot go mainstream?

I think they tell us that twitter has gone mainstream.

I think it has leaked a little bit ahead of facebook in the second screen.

Everybody on television will use twitter in this manner.

I think the vine acquisition was very smart.

I think the 140 character thing is a boundary they have arty broken through with the vine, with the mini url system.

If you want to see how interesting twitter is compared to facebook, look at facebook's new hashtag-based trend.

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